Alexander Wang's 'Parental Advisory' Sweatshirt Gets The Knockoff Treatment

Alexander Wang Knockoff

A model at Alexander Wang's Spring 2014 runway show and a model wearing Pixie Market's 'Parental Advisory' shirt.
Photos: Getty Images/Pixie Market

Is Alexander Wang's "Parental Advisory" shirt the most copied look from the Spring 2014 runway? It definitely seems like it. Since the runway show in September, both Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 have been accused of knocking off the logo that appeared everywhere in Wang's collection. Pixie Market has taken their imitation one step further, not only using the logo, but putting it on a white sweatshirt with mesh cut-outs. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I'd bet Alexander Wang is feeling pretty flattered right now.

While Pixie Market is not the first to, um, sell a familiar look (and certainly not the last), their version of this sweatshirt is about as close to the original that we've seen in recent memory.

While Alexander Wang's sweatshirt costs $998, Pixie Market's is only $33. They look so similar you may even fool people into thinking you're Rihanna-status and managed to snag one before the collection was released to the public. Of course, someone with a trained eye for authenticity will notice the difference in fonts and Pixie Market's whiter mesh, but for a $965 saving, we'd say it's worth the risk. Unless, like, your stylish friends are really harsh. The choice is yours.

So which top do you see in your future: the $998 Alexander Wang OG one, or the $33 Pixie Market version?

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