Why Was Isaac Wearing A Scarf On Last Night’s ‘Teen Wolf’?

Isaac and his scarf on ’Teen Wolf.’
Photo: MTV

On last night’s Teen Wolf, Isaac wore a navy blue scarf. It looked good, IMHO. Though so does everything he wears, so, like, maybe I’m biased. If you’re familiar with Teen Wolf, the scarf doesn’t seem out of place in Isaac’s wardrobe: dude loves cardigans and deep V-neck tees. Plus, maybe his neck gets chilly from time to time. We’ve all been there. All of us, except Stiles, I guess, who makes fun of Isaac’s scarf because it’s 65 degrees out. Some people just like the feel of a nice scarf around their necks, Stiles. Jeez.

Given that Stiles had such a strong opinion on Isaac’s sartorial choice, we checked in with Teen Wolf’s costume designer, Barbara Vasquez, for the full 411 on the scarf.

Isaac and his scarf on ’Teen Wolf.’
Photo: MTV

If you’re an avid Teen Wolf fan, you may have recognized the scarf. Good news: You’re not imagining things, Allison-style. Isaac has worn the infamous scarf before! Yeah, high school boys/wolves have their fave accessories too, OK? Barbara told us that after Isaac wore it in an earlier episode (season three, episode three, for those keeping track), the show’s producers and writer Jeff Davis made so much fun of her that it became a running joke on set. They even wrote its reappearance into the script, hence the casual draping from last night’s episode.

So there you have it: the real reason Isaac wears a scarf when it’s 65 degrees out. Not because it’s his fave accessory (or because it looks so good), but because it’s an inside joke on the Teen Wolf set. There’s nothing we love more than a behind-the-scenes look at our favorite shows, so this piece of info has made us veryyy happy. Will the scarf appear again? Let’s hope so, because it #WERKS.


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