Rita Ora Teases Metal Shell Toes For Adidas

Rita Ora

Rita Ora and her Adidas Originals metal shell toes.
Photos: Getty Images/@ritaora's Instagram

WELL WELL WELL. We've been speculating for MONTHS that Rita Ora might be working with Adidas on a collaboration for the brand's Originals vertical. In recent weeks, she's stayed quiet on the three-stripes front, devoting more face time to her other fashion ventures—DKNY and Material Girl—but thanks to a few Instagram snaps she posted yesterday, we're setting the rumor mill churning again.

Yes, folks. Your eyes do not deceive you. Those are throwback Adidas shell toes updated for 2014 with a metal cap. Rita shared the photo with the caption, "#LA #Studio X @adidasoriginals #ritabotsuniform." Sure, that could mean that she's just cosigning the look and that her Ritabots should follow suit, but that's a tall order for any celeb to pin on her fans. UNLESS she was the mastermind behind the design...

Rita Ora

Rita Ora in the studio with her Adidas Originals metal shell toes.
Photo: @ritaora's Instagram

A closer, less-blurry look at the kicks reveals that the metal cap is some beautiful hybrid of copper and rose gold, affixed to a white shell-toe shoe. Rita says with this shot, "When you ever see a Shell Toe with a Metal TOE? NEVER! But it's coming @adidasoriginals" (!!!) It's a perfect spring/summer look, which leads us to believe that might be when we can look forward to getting our hands on these bad boys (also, the full details, lol). If you're hemming and hawing about how there's still some winter slush on the ground and you're not sure you can wait until spring to know more, let me remind you that while spring weather may still be a few months out, spring fashion starts rolling in early next month (for example, those Peter Pilotto x Target togs hit stores February 9). Chin up, Ritabots. It won't be long now!

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