Did Katy Perry Preview Her Prismatic World Tour Wardrobe?

Katy Perry performing in Beijing.
Photos: Getty Images

While we were all a little preoccupied by the Golden Globes, the red carpet, and the after-parties, Katy Perry was in Beijing, performing in never-before-seen outfits. Could these looks be a taste of what’s to come on her Prismatic World Tour? It seems like a definite possibility!

In a stunning turn of events, it kinda looks like Katy predicted the Golden Globes’ cape trend even before anyone hit the red carpet. She performed “Unconditionally” in a floor-length white robe which, NBD, had tiny lights sewn into the collar and sleeves. When we speculated about Katy’s Prismatic Tour wardrobe before, we considered iridescent material a serious contender for the obvious reason that it reflects light. But actually including real working lights in the outfits? That’s a game-changer.

Her second cloaked look, which is very similar to all the gold lamé Lady Gaga has been wearing lately, doesn’t produce light, but it does reflect a lot of it. The glare off that thing probably induces squinting. We strongly suggest coming prepared with sunglasses if you’re planning on seeing Katy IRL. The metallic cape differs in hue from the holographic looks Katy debuted in the fall, but to that we say, “Shine bright like a diamond, Katy, in whichever material you choose.”

Katy Perry performing in Beijing.
Photos: Getty Images

During her performance of “Roar,” Katy shed the cape to reveal another glittery outfit. A skin tights-baring skirt and short-sleeved shirt was hiding underneath the entire time! Much like her cape, the sleeves of her shirt and the front flap of her skirt are trimmed with an array of grommets. You know what grommets are made out of? Metal. What does metal do? Reflect light. Every single element of Katy’s outfit spreads light. Like, honestly, how could an ensemble be more perfect for her tour?

Her second non-cape outfit was a white dress with what appears to be colorful paint splashes all over it. It is completely different from the glittering outfits we’ve seen from Katy as of late, especially during performances, but IMHO, it’s sort of reminiscent of the candy-button dress she wore on the California Dreams Tour. It doesn’t have 3D candy attached, but it’s hard not to associate KP wearing a white dress with bursts of color with that familiar look, though she’s made it clear she wants us to forget her candy-loving alter ego ever existed.

Katy’s Prismatic Tour doesn’t kick off until May 7, so it seems we’ll likely see a lot of potential performance outfits before the big reveal. I do, though, think it’s safe to say that we can expect a lot of light-reflecting material (and hopefully capes!) in her future.

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