Kristen Stewart Talks Topless Rosabotanica Campaign

Kristen Stewart

Behind the scenes of Kristen Stewart's Rosabotanica campaign for Balenciaga.
Photo: Balenciaga

Looks like Balenciaga makes Kristen Stewart feel like a natural woman. And no, we're not just talking about toplessness here, people. Although, now that you mention it, in a new behind-the-scenes video for the fashion house's Rosabotanica perfume, K. Stew bares her backstory (get it?). "What I like about this is that I didn't have to turn into a different person," the actress says of the campaign. "The point was to capture something natural. If you feel like you're forcing something, or trying to get the shot, suddenly it's not fun anymore."

That's right, folks. It would seem Kristen Stewart's natural form is that of an ethereal meadow nymph with 3D flower tattoos. Or, according to her interview outfit for the video, a smiling (!) beauty in a plunging, crisp white blouse. That awkward girl you've seen wearing checkered Vans and messy hair for the past five years? Apparently, just a big ol' facade.

And don't get these new Rosabotanica ads confused with Stewart's previous shots for Balenciaga's other fragrance, Florabotanica. Sure, both campaigns feature glossy lips and smoky eyes and, y'know, botanicals, but K. Stew explains that her Rosa- character is much more mature than her Flora- predecessor. "It looks like the vines are starting to grow into her and they are becoming a part of her," she says of the new ads. "She's clearly very comfortable there and owning it a little bit more." Whoa, whoa, whoa. Really? That's a lot of subtext.

What do you think of the softer side of K. Stew? Do you like this floral fashion foray, or do you prefer her tomboyish personal style?


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