You Can Buy Miley Cyrus' Marriage Equality Tee By Marc Jacobs


Snag this tee from Marc Jacobs!
Photos: @mileycyrus's Twitter/Human Rights Campaign

On Tuesday, Miley Cyrus tweeted a photo of a marriage equality tee by her BFF/current employer, Marc Jacobs. Made in 2009, Miley was one of the few lucky ones who snagged the limited-edition shirt, which shows a blonde, same-sex couple in black dresses alongside their pixie-coifed kid. The bad news: That particular shirt sold out a LONG time ago. Jacobs only printed about 200 of them and a quick search on eBay yielded zero results. *sigh* The good news: We found a legitimate replica reprint with only one tiny difference.

The Human Rights Campaign is selling the same shirt, made exclusively for them by Marc Jacobs, and it's currently available in EVERY SIZE! The only difference between this one and Miley's? We almost don't even want to tell you—it's THAT small. As you may or may not have noticed on Cyrus' shirt, the woman on the left has a heart-shaped tattoo on her arm. However, on the version reprinted for the HRC, that same woman has the equality sign tattooed on her arm instead. Even better? One hundred percent of the proceeds from every purchase goes to HRC’s fight for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equality. Have you added it to your cart yet? NO?! Well, you better hurry. This time around, there's only 500 available, and we have a feeling they won't last long. You're welcome.

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