Beyonce Knows How Badly You’ve Been Wanting A ‘Surfboard’ Sweatshirt

Beyonce’s new merch.
Photos: Shop Beyonce

After Beyonce surreptitiously dropped her new album in the middle of the night, she followed up by sneaking some new merch into her online store. Much like her album, there was no announcement, no indication anything new was coming, and then—BAM—a T-shirt and a sweatshirt that matched the album’s cover. Brace yourselves: She just did it again with more new merch!

Now, alongside the swag that joined her on her Mrs. Carter Show world tour dates, are four new sweatshirts in the album’s simple pink Sans Serif text plus black-background format. Bey showed off the designs at her album release party, but we had no idea they’d be available for purchase so soon. It’s like our best friend (Beyonce, natch) just gave birth to quadruplets and we can’t choose our fave! We want need them all.

Beyonce’s new merch.
Photos: Shop Beyonce

Two of the sweatshirts reference lyrics from “Drunk in Love,” her newest track featuring hubby Jay Z. Bey and Jay have supplied meanings to surfboard and breakfast more suggestive than “thing you surf on” and “meal you eat in the morning.” As mere mortals we will never fully comprehend their new definitions. (Not sure why she left the “t” off of SURFBOARDT, though.)

Photo: Sony Records/GIF: Tumblr

The other two sweatshirts have song titles emblazoned on the front. “Flawless” is straightforward—it’s the way Bey (and we) woke up—while the crossed out “Angel” may cause a moment of confusion for those not well-versed in the oeuvre of Beyonce. Bey could’ve picked up the idea from the crossed out “Molly” tee Jay wore on the first night of his Magna Carta tour. Draw a line through the word angel and what do you get? “No Angel.” Another song on the new album.

With new dates of the Mrs. Carter Show recently announced, it seems likely these $65 sweatshirts will be sold on tour. In case they’re not, and so you can have yours ASAP, you may as well buy one (or all four) on Beyonce’s website.

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