Gwen Stefani Gives Sneak Peek Of The Design With Purpose Lookbook Shoot

Gwen with Michael Glasser and a DWP model.
Photo: Gwen Stefani’s Facebook page

When word got out about Design With Purpose, Gwen Stefani’s new clothing line with denim king Michael Glasser, we got excited. Not too excited, though, because if we’ve learned anything about celebrity collaborations, it’s that they love to tease us with plenty of promo looong before the product drops (*ACHEM* Nicki Minaj for Kmart, The Key by Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP). And that’s fine—we’re used to it. But now, just days after Gwen’s initial announcement, we’re already getting some behind-the-scenes photos of DWP’s lookbook shoot AND a promise that more will be coming soon. All of this with a projected spring 2014 shelf date? Gwen, you’re spoiling us! *blushes*

Color and swatch inspirations for DWP.
Photo: Gwen Stefani’s Facebook page

In a few of the shots Gwen posted on her Facebook page, we get a quick glimpse of the inspiration behind the cool, casual line. I didn’t see my photo up there, but I’m sure she’ll post it in the next batch. Stefani shared snaps of thread colors, fabric swatches, mockup pieces, and one super-official sketch for what appears to be coated jeans. Also, we are so down with that floral, splattered camo pattern. Can we get that printed on, like, everything? Kthx.

On set with DWP.
Photo: Gwen Stefani’s Facebook page

Stefani also shared a few pics of the photo shoot, live and in action. I think we can officially confirm that the blood-orange tank and grey cuffed shorts seen above are, as promised, “cool” and “super wearable.” YAY. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also this picture of, like, a hundred hangers, which probably means that there will be at LEAST that many pieces produced. “Promise to share more soon!” the No Doubt lead singer signed off. We’ll be vigilantly waiting by our computers in the meantime.

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