An Open Letter To The Creator Of This Louis C.K. One Tumblr

Louis C.K.

A fake Louis C.K. One billboard.
Photo: Louis C.K. One Tumblr

Dear Whoever Created This Louis C.K. One Tumblr,

You are my new favorite. I'd be comfortable leaving our correspondence at that, but since I'm also using this public platform to shoehorn you into my life as my new best friend, I should elaborate.

You are a genius. I'm not sure how this pun was never made until now, but somehow you beat everyone to it. For that, you deserve all the interwebs propers that bitcoins can buy.

Aside from the wordplay, you've combined three of my favorite things in this world—Louis C.K., Calvin Klein minimalism, and the '90s—into one masterpiece of a meme.

Louis C.K.

Another fake Louis C.K. One billboard.
Photo: Louis C.K. One Tumblr

See, the phrase "Louis C.K. One" on its own, while clever, probably only warrants a side-smirk and a head nod at best. What really makes this is the way you've melded the stark but sexy black-and-white imagery of the OG CK One ads with Louis' hallmark irreverence. It's spot-on.

Maybe you're, like, a meme savant, and don't even realize how expertly you've executed this thing. But I mean, this fake billboard starring Louis' hairy man belly? To me, it's a perfect marriage of his ability to shine a light on all the most unpleasant and uncomfortable aspects of life PLUS FASHUN.

Same with that other faux ad with his freckled dome. Or this packaging mockup, which appears to include an order of French fries with the bottle. Maybe the next iteration squeezes in a slice of pizza? IDKIDK. Was that too forward? Can we still be friends??

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is: I appreciate what you've done here. And I'd like to see more of it. And maybe get a mani/pedi with you.



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