Is Rihanna's Best Friend Her New Makeup Artist?


Rihanna showing off her makeup, done by her BFF Leandra.
Photo: @leleboo_phucku Instagram

When Rihanna debuted her gold tooth on Monday, we barely noticed the caption that read "Makeup by @leleboo_phucku." Sorry. We're magpies. *SHINYYY* As anyone who has taken a scroll through Rihanna's Instagram feed knows, @leleboo's real name is Leandra and she's one of Rih's BFFs (and her cousin, according to some sources). Last night, Leandra posted more pics of @badgalriri wearing heavy eye makeup, her own handiwork. So is Lee Rihanna's new go-to makeup artist? We investigate.

Based on a lengthy Instagram caption from a few days ago, it seems that Lee has started taking private makeup lessons from a guy named Renny Vasquez. She's posted many a photo of the makeup she's been working on for the past week, but after a mere three days of training, Lee got her first celebrity client: Rihanna! It happens so fast for some people. #blessed


Rihanna showing off her makeup, which matches her gold tooth, courtesy of her BFF Leandra.
Photo: @badgalriri Instagram

Lee described Rih's gold eye shadow look from earlier this week as "natural," and the heavy-purple smoky eye from last night as "drag queen tease." Shimmery gold eye shadow and cat-eye liner aren't typically natural, but—HELLO!—she's working with Rihanna here. What's cool about these looks is how drastically different they are, which means Leandra has obviously learned a lot in a mere few days. It takes me about that long just to make sure my lipstick isn't all over my face.

Whether Rih will allow Lee to do her makeup for anything more than taking selfies remains to be seen, but even still, 11 million people have already seen Lele's work? Not a bad situation. I guess being BFFs with Rihanna really does have some perks. Actually, it has all of the perks.

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