Britney Spears Unveils New Fantasy Remix Perfume Collection


Britney's been naughty AND nice.
Photo: Britney Spears' Facebook page

Someone from the Britney Spears camp must have heard me singing "... Baby One More Time" in the shower yesterday, because they just hit us one more time with TWO new fragrances (and an accompanying ad) from the Princess of Pop, seemingly out of nowhere. (Thanks, Shower Song Gods. Next time, I'll give some One Direction a shot and see how that works out for me. #fivetimesthefun) Granted, the scents aren't ~totally~ new. They're more like two new twists on old favorite Fantasy, which you may remember has had a supporting role in MANY of Brit's music videos.

Spears rolled out her Fantasy Remix Collection alongside a split-personality ad, depicting the Naughty and Nice fragrances, each with a corresponding Britney, which Camp BritBrit seems to have recycled from her Fantasy Twist ads. For the Naughty Remix, Britney channels her dark side with stick-straight jet-black hair, blunt bangs, and a dramatically smudged cat eye. For the Nice Remix, a blonde Britney wears a bejeweled headdress and sports a more severe cat eye. That headdress is serious, y'all. I bet it left the weirdest marks on her forehead after a full day of shooting.

I'm not exactly sure what Ms. Spears is trying to imply by labeling each hair color as such, but as a brunette, I'm totally content being called naughty. Besides, I was getting sick of being so nice before Christmas. It's hard work! “Fantasy is truly an unforgettable scent,” Spears told People. “Mixing the original notes to create new Fantasy scents gives my fans and me more ways of expressing our inner fantasies, whether they’re naughty or nice.” Decisions, decisions. Which one would you choose?

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