Get Rita Ora's 'My Little Pony' Dress!


Friendship is magic.
Photos: Alice Vandy

If nine-year-old you knew what present-day you knows now about fashion, what would be the one clothing item at the top of your wish list? A My Little Pony mini-dress, OBVIOUSLY. Rita Ora, whose rainbow-tinted hair sometimes resembles that of the equine dolls, was recently snapped in our childhood fantasy dress by Alice Vandy. Long-sleeved, colorful, and covered with ponies, the bodycon piece was designed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the small, magical horses. You may be thinking, "An '80s toy/television franchise collaborating with a super-hip clothing line? That's crazy! What's next? DuckTales snap-backs? Fraggle Rock sneakers? David the Gnome-print luxury pajamas?" (Free ideas! Someone please roll with these, kthx.)

Granted, this isn't the first time cartoons have gotten face time with fashion: Jeremy Scott supported The Simpsons in his A/W 2012 collection and Theophilus London and his LVRS label once joined forces with SpongeBob SquarePants, two instances that are only the tip of the iceberg of a myriad of other 'toon-to-runway collabs. TBH, though, we think Vandy's collab might actually be the ~most~ major of recent times—even if solely based on size (and maybe also level of nostalgia).

The collection is stacked with 18 separates, allowing you to show your love for My Little Pony in a TON of diverse pieces, from crop tops and miniskirts to bodysuits and catsuits. Long-sleeved, one-piece, ankle-length CATSUITS. Because why would you want to wear anything else? Like, ever? You guys, this is the after-Christmas present I never knew I wanted. Some of the items have already sold out, but you can still snag a ton of Alice Vandy x My Little Pony pieces (including Rita's exact dress) right HERE.

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