Rihanna Joins The Gold Tooth Club


Rihanna and her gold tooth.
Photo: @badgalriri Instagram

Rihanna got herself a new accessory for 2014: a gold tooth! She debuted it on Instagram, with a caption that called attention to her makeup, but we all know she was showing off that glittering canine. (I guess it does match her golden eye shadow!) Rih has now joined the gold tooth club, which also boasts high-profile members Ke$ha and Lana Del Rey. Unlike K-money and Lana, Rih opted not to cover her entire tooth, placing the cap closer to the center of her bite. Oooh, looks like the club already has a rebel! #reblfleur How often does the gang meet? Do they discuss where to buy gold caps or, like, any accessories? If I buy one, will I get my membership card immediately? Because if so, I have to run to the store NOW.

Rihanna, of course, is no stranger to metal-mouth accessories. In 2012 she stepped out with subtle bottom-tooth decorations, while at the VMAs last summer she wore a tiny cross between her two front teeth. Then there was her more conspicuous AK-47-shaped grill, which, fortunately, she only wore once (that we've seen).

Rihanna's gold tooth could, of course, be permanent, but based on how frequently she likes to change her appearance, we have a feeling she wouldn't be down to have a gold tooth 4eva.

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