New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas And Ariana Grande's 'Teen Vogue' Cover Top Our Headlines This Week

Ariana Grande on the cover of 'Teen Vogue.'
Photo: Teen Vogue

• This week we ushered in a new year (whatup 2014!) and came up with Four New Year's Eve outfits based around things you already had in your closet. You may wanna keep this post bookmarked because—SHH—these outfits work on non-NYE nights too!

• Ariana Grande posed with the world's worst chameleon for her Teen Vogue cover shoot. Ariana looked ready for Valentine's Day in pink, but that chameleon did not.

• Miley Cyrus welcomed the new year in a sequined outfit and fur coat by The Blonds. The designing duo is working on some of Miley's Bangerz Tour outfits, too, so we're now expecting a lotta sequins.

• We broke down Lady Gaga's 2013 style by the numbers, which included three high-tech dresses, 10 pantsless outfits, 25 wigs, and so much more.

• Finally, we discovered that One Direction released their own line of prescription glasses. Since there weren't any campaign images and we're not exactly within the six to 11-year-old demo, this news only angered us.

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