Food Friday: Snow Day Staples

Food Friday

Don't go hungry at home.
Photo: Shop Jeen/One And The Same NYC/1991 Inc./Forever 21/Hello Cellophane

If you live on the East Coast or in the Midwest, chances are today was a snow day, because the white powder decided to pour down on us all night. (If you live on the West Coast, #BYE.) For those of us who are at home and didn't stock up on provisions and are not really down to go out in -5 degree weather, our food options are limited to the things we have left over in cabinets, like cereal and soup. For this installation of Food Friday, we figured we'd pay homage to the foods that are keeping our hunger at bay until we decide to go out or get delivery. Check 'em out below—they may even help you remember a nonperishable you forgot you bought precisely for situations like this!

Campbell's Soup

Stay warm with this Andy Warhol-inspired Campbell's Soup shirt.
Photo: Forever 21

Soup is like a nectar from the gods during the winter. You can chill (not literally, hopefully) at home in this Andy Warhol-inspired Campbell's Soup-print shirt, which is only $14 at Forever 21. Just be careful if you decide to eat tomato soup while wearing it!


Cozy cereal socks.
Photo: Shop Jeen

For many people, cereal is among breakfast (or dinner) staples on any given day. But on days when you'd rather not leave your house, it is the only staple. These Fruit Loops socks will preserve your body heat if your (house) heat is taking its sweet time doing the job.

Pasta Bolognese

Remind yourself how to cook using this tote.
Photo: Alessandra Olanow Shop

Again, most people have at least one box of pasta stowed away in their cabinet. If you don't have the other ingredients you need to compliment said pasta, this tote bag will remind you what you need for pasta bolognese (or some variation of it) and how to make it. Plus, when you finally walk to the grocery store, you can use this bag to carry everything home!

Lucky Charms

The only part of cereal that matters.
Photo: 1991 Inc.

If you crave sugar but have no dessert in your home, you could (a) scold yourself for not having dessert, or (b) pick out the marshmallows from Lucky Charms and eat them in fistfuls. If you don't have Lucky Charms either, just throw on this colorful marshmallow sweatshirt and promise yourself that the next time it snows, you'll be prepared.


A condiment shirt for when things get desperate.
Photo: Hello Cellophane

This tank top features food you should only eat in the most desperate of circumstances. We're talking condiments: ketchup, mustard, relish, etc. Now, the snow would have to be pretty bad for most people to resort to eating what normally only accompanies an actual meal, but desperate times call for desperate measures. (Not saying I've ever put ketchup on a snowball and ate it, but...) If you decide to just, y'know, wait it out rather than eating relish from the jar, this shirt will also be appropriate for summer BBQs. Hey, remember summer?

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