Go Behind The Scenes At Rihanna's Balmain Campaign Shoot

Rihanna, Balmain

Rihanna on the set of her Balmain campaign.
Photo: Balmain's YouTube Page

Late last year (that joke never gets old, right?), Rihanna nonchalantly dropped what looked to be her ENTIRE Balmain campaign on Instagram. A campaign that has BadGalRiRi wearing houndstooth suits in abandoned steam rooms is a surefire win in our books, but we might even love the behind-the-scenes look even more. Candid Rihanna! Getting her hair and makeup done! Pacing around the set in a head-to-toe j'outfit! It's the best. Balmain has established a permanent place in our BTS-loving hearts by releasing not one, but THREE videos of Rihanna's campaign!

In one of the videos, Rihanna and her stylist Mel Ottenberg discuss how many looks they shot (five), who photographed them (Inez & Vinoodh), and what the shoot was like (epic). Rih assured viewers that the process of making the campaign was fun, which is great, because Rihanna works hard and deserves a little fun every now and again.

In another video, Olivier Rousteing, Balmain's creative director and Rihanna stan, explains that he created this collection around Rihanna after she visited his studio in June. He says that the collection is based upon Rih's ability to mix "fashion with music," which is obviously an art we at MTV Style take very seriously.

The final video explores the campaign's approach to Rih's makeup, which they kept natural because, SPOILER ALERT, "Rihanna wakes up looking amazing." First, ladies, tell 'em, I WOKE UP LIH DIS, I woke up lih dis. Second, HOW DOES HE KNOW??? Have there been some fashion sleepovers we've been missing out on? Our invites must've been lost in the mail... Regardless, we still have yet to see this wavy bob on Rihanna IRL, but we'd like to. It #werks. You can peep all five of Rihanna's campaign images on her Instagram to get a complete sense of just how naturally beautiful she is (duh) and what not to wear in a steam room.

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