Lady Gaga Goes Shirtless For New Versace Ad

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga for Versace.
Photo: @ladygaga Twitter

Lady Gaga wished her Twitter followers a happy new year in a way most humans cannot: with a new image from her Versace campaign. This is the third we've seen, but the first to feature a shirtless Mother Monster. We thought 2013 was the year of shirtless stars, but maybe Gaga is trying to bring the trend into the new year. It's a good thing these ads have her in that long, platinum, Donatella-inspired wig, right? Otherwise this one would only be suitable for, like, Playboy, and I have a sneaking suspicion Playboy readers are not Versace's target audience.

The last ad we saw from Gaga x Versace was released right before the American Music Awards and then, mere hours later, Gaga walked the red carpet in a lilac gown very similar to the one in the campaign. Maybe we're hours away from an IRL shirtless Gaga sighting? If so, I hope she's somewhere warm.

This most recent ad only features one item of clothing—a pair of printed pants—but many accessories. Eight rings! Two very heavy looking necklaces! A Medusa belt buckle! It's like the old adage says: If you don't wear a shirt, over-accessorize. I have a pillow with those words embroidered.

The styling in this shot is the same as its predecessors, from the butt-length, middle-parted wig to Gaga's bleached brows and barely there makeup. She looks very relaxed despite having, like, 80 pounds of metal around her neck and waist. She's definitely worn more elaborate outfits to sit on an airplane for 10-plus hours, though, so, maybe this is what Lady Gaga wears for a quick catnap.

The number of images in the campaign hasn't been revealed yet (MOAR PLZ!!), but it seems pretty likely that every ad will feature Gaga decked out in her Donatella wig and at least one Medusa head. After all, she is, as Donatella described, "the embodiment of Versace DNA."

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