2013: The Year In Gold

The year of two thousand and thirteen came bearing gifts of gold, going shirtless, and Beyonce, but right now, we're focusing on GOLD. Here are five of our favorite pieces of golden glam we added to our closets this year. *sits down*

Jeremy Scott sneakers

Jeremy Scott's gold Adidas Originals Teddy Bear sneakers.
Photo: Jeremy Scott/Rory Rockmore

Jeremy Scott kicked off the holiday season with a tinsled bang this November, dropping gold and silver versions of his iconic teddy bear sneakers as part of his ongoing collab with Adidas Originals. These sparkling beauties feature open-armed teddy bears and matching gold laces, glinting and gleaming atop glittered gum soles. Glitter in the sole = glitter in the soul. Add that sparkly stuff to anything and watch how quickly it becomes my beary fave. *ba dum TSH*

DTTK vest

D.TT.K gold puffer vest.
Photo: D.TT.K/Rory Rockmore

This little head-turner had me saying my prayers as I walked into Opening Ceremony. The sight of this luxurious piece of metallic winter warmth by D.TT.K provides enough joy to make anyone feel like they've sinned. *does the sign of the cross* I'm noticing a heavy Pharrell for Monclear vibe here, but like... no one is mad because HELLO, it's gold. And with its heavenly detailed side zips and extra-wide crew neck, I really see no reason to ever take this off. Ever.


M.I.A. and her gold Matangi shirt.
Photo: M.I.A.'s Instagram/Rory Rockmore

Look beyond the Gold Edition video M.I.A. released for "Bring the Noize," and you will see that she also dropped a very limited line of 50 T-shirts with a single tweet. The link to her site takes you directly to a PayPal transaction without any fancy lookbooks or even a visual of the shirt other than her Instagram video—a move only she can make. The shirt is a short-sleeved crew neck, presumably woven from golden silks of the gods. And if you follow M.I.A. on Instagram, it looks as though homegirl is shipping these biddies right from the comfort of her own pad. Matangi air. In the box. Priceless.

Versace ring

Vintage Versace ring.
Photo: Versace/Rory Rockmore

Your pillows and sheets might not be Versace, and you might have gone home from the 2013 Grammys empty-handed, BUT... that doesn't mean you can't decorate your pinky finger with this vintage throwback hunk of Ver-say-cee. This year we saw this Medusa head (on me like I'm 'lluminati) ring on everyone from 2 Chainz to A$AP Rocky. And unlike some trends this year, I have a feeling it's not going anywhere anytime soon. (Versace. Versace. Versace. Versace. Versace. Versace. Versace. Versace. Versace.)

Acne blazer

Acne gold suit.
Photo: Acne/Rory Rockmore

It's technically Resort 2014, but I'm making the rules here and since it's available online and in stores right now, IT COUNTS. This gold Ciel blazer and matching pant set from Acne has all the perfect elements to give me a golden fashion boner. (THERE. I SAID IT.) It's also ~technically~ a women's ensemble, but really, sizing is unisex, which means there's nothing holding you back from these two pieces of metallic bliss. Stepping out in this full look says "too much of something is just enough" without saying anything at all, and I THANK YOU, Acne, for bestowing this gift unto us. We're not worthyyyyyy.

Gold prices might be plummeting, but let me tell you, its closet value is still red hot, and I can't wait to see what goodies 2014 has in store for us. Until next year, friends. Stay tacky. Stay gold.

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