Miley Cyrus Gets A Pink Mohawk For 'Love' Magazine

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus on the cover of Issue 11 of 'Love.'
Photo: @mileycyrus Instagram

Since Love magazine only comes out twice a year, the magazine's covers tend to command a lot of attention. You know who commands a lot of attention wherever she goes? Miley Cyrus. She gets even MORE attention when she changes her hair, which is why the cover of Issue 11 of Love is a big deal. Miley's got a mohawk! And it's pink!

While her fellow female pop stars change their hair on the regular, Miley is pretty consistent with her look: short and blonde. But on the cover of Love, her hair is styled in a floppy mohawk and unusually pink. Also, the closely shorn side of her head puts her ear tattoo, which fittingly reads Love, front and center. Don't worry, she didn't get the tattoo for her cover shoot because that would be insane. Oh, wait, she did get one for her Rolling Stone cover. My bad.

Her face, much like in her "Adore You" video, is bare yet glowing, despite looking pretty forlorn in a coral Victorian collar. Sad to be so covered up, Miles? Or maybe she's just tired... The issue doesn't hit newsstands until March, but since Miley is sharing the cover with us so early, we're hopeful we'll get some more previews (*cough* INSIDE PAGES *cough*) before then.

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