Kanye West's Adidas Collaboration Has A Release Date

Kanye West

Kanye is excited about his collaboration with adidas.
Photo: Getty Images

While there has still been no confirmation on Adidas' end, Kanye West revealed that his collaboration with the company is, in fact, going forward and will launch in September. The details of what exactly will be released remain a mystery, but Kanye told Chicago DJs Stylz & Roman that he and Adidas would have "something in September." Oh, right, he's also designing clothing and will have stand-alone stores. Looks like Adidas is making Ye's wildest dreams come true!

When we first heard news of his partnership with Adidas, we posited that the company must've offered him a pretty sweet deal that extended beyond designing shoes. It seems, at least according to Kanye, they have. Ye mentioned that he had just returned from Germany, where he visited the Adidas headquarters and had one of the "greatest creative days of [his] life." He seems genuinely excited about the people he is working with and the resources he's been offered to "paint with." Maybe 2014 will be feature a calm and collected Kanye speaking softly about fashion rather than ranting against it?

Yeezy said he's designing sportswear for both men and women, which, eventually, will be sold in standalone stores. It's still early, obviously, so no store locations were revealed, but his Yeezus tour pop-up shops are any indication, NYC, L.A., and Chicago will be #blessed. Similarly, he didn't mention whether or not they'd be pop-ups or real stores, but whatever. He just wanted us to know Adidas is making his dreams come true while Nike squashed them. Ye also nonchalantly explained that because he's a "creative director" (and genius, but that's just underlying every word he's ever said), everything the public is imagining is "soft" compared to what he's got coming. Um, OK. We won't even begin to imagine what you've got on the way, Ye, but we can't wait to see. Get here faster already, September!

You can listen to the full interview with Stylz & Roman here.

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