Four Last-Minute New Year's Eve Outfits Straight From Your Closet

We'll be the first to admit that trying to make plans for New Year's Eve stresses us out: the 12-month anticipation, the unavoidable crowds, the ever-important, gotta-be-stunning outfit of the YEAR. OK, so maybe we're being a ~little~ dramatic, but with less than a week to prep your look after a month of holiday hustle and bustle, sometimes you just gotta reach into your closet and hope for the best. Of course, you also want to LOOK your best, so why not start with one of your tried-and-true basics? Instead of going full-on Toddlers & Tiaras, take what you know and give it a new life by adding a few easy-to-find pieces from your local mall. (And TBH, this is how WE plan to roll, so don't knock it till you try it.)



The LBD.
Photos: Forever 21/Nordstrom/Urban Outfitters

+ Dress: Must-Have Bodycon Dress ($6)

+ Kimono: Fringe Floral Jacquard Cardigan ($136)

+ Shoes: Report Zinny Velvet Heels ($69)

+ Necklace: Silk Road Falling Coin Necklace ($58)

+ Bag: Iconic Quilted Minaudière ($20)

The Little Black Dress: Chances are, you don't just have one, you have like, 100. It's the one wardrobe staple that every woman has been conditioned to own since the 1920s, when Coco Chanel made it "a sort of uniform for all women of taste." Give your little black dress a big night out on New Year's Eve with a Stevie Nicks-approved fringed kimono, velvet strappy pumps, a heavy metal statement necklace and a cross-body clutch for hands-free dancing.



The leather jacket.
Photos: Forever 21/Nordstrom/Urban Outfitters/H&M

+ Dress: Chiffon Trim Slipdress ($76)

+ Jacket: Biker Jacket ($50.00)

+ Shoes: Lux Stiletto Sandals ($37)

+ Necklace: Standout Rhinestoned Geo Necklace ($13)

+ Bag: Falconwright Leather Clutch ($68.00)

Much like the LBD, a solid leather jacket is totally versatile. It's also pretty much the ideal outerwear for party-hopping: It keeps you (relatively) warm, but it's not SO bulky that you have to check it everywhere you go. Pair your fave leather jacket with a delicate slip dress to toughen up a dainty trend, and add an edgy necklace, some ankle cuff heels, and a fold-over printed clutch to pull off the ever-elusive "effortlessly cool" look.



The white button-up.
Photos: Forever 21/Nordstrom/Urban Outfitters/Target

+ Shirt: Merona Women's Favorite Solid Shirt ($23)

+ Skirt: Silver Crackled Skirt ($50)

+ Shoes: Revolvir Pump ($83)

+ Necklace: Twisted Rhinestone Necklace ($7)

+ Bag: Vince Camuto Horn Clutch ($178)

OK. Hear us out. You CAN actually make your white button-up look luxe with a little bit of effort. Seriously! It's not just for interviews anymore, you guys. And besides, winter whites are ~so hot right now~. (Zoolander, anyone?) Tuck your shirt into a short, printed skirt, grab a funky clutch, slip on some sassy pumps, and dress up your starched collar with a chunky necklace.



The classic jeans.
Photos: Forever 21/Nordstrom/Urban Outfitters

+ Shirt: Glam Beaded Tank ($40)

+ Jeans: BDG Cigarette Mid-Rise Jean ($54)

+ Shoes: Grand Asymmetrical Pump ($95)

+ Bracelets: 4-Pack Bracelets ($6)

+ Bag: Falconwright Leather Clutch ($68.00)

Want to be comfy AND classy on New Year's Eve? Slip on your favorite pair of jeans. (Or the cutest ones that still fit over your holiday food baby. #realtalk) Whether you'll be twerking in the club, navigating the crowds at a live show, or couching it at your BFF's house party, jeans and a sequined tank are ALWAYS a sure thing. Skip the stilettos, put on some fun pumps, and add a few bangles to keep it simple without LOOKING simple. #nobasiczone

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