Justin Bieber And His ‘Stache Suit Up For The ‘Believe’ Premiere

Justin Bieber at the premiere of ’Believe.’
Photo: Getty Images

Last night, Justin Bieber premiered his second feature documentary, Believe, which will hit theaters on Christmas Day. The Biebs walked across a purple (duh, his #1 color) carpet and encouraged Christmas spirit with the addition of some silver tinsel trees. In fact, Bieber’s entire outfit was basically a swaggier version of Santa’s traditional get-up. So festive!

Justin wore a red single-button blazer, a crisp white shirt (complete with popped collar), and red leather moto pants. He accessorized with a leather-banded bracelet, a sizable gold watch, several gold chains, and some sunglasses to protect his eyes from all that bling. The only thing he needed to complete his jolly look was a sleigh with some reindeer, a bag full of toys (although there was a donation box for that), and a fluffy white beard—but that kind of facial hair can take YEARS to grow. Thankfully, the ’stache can hold it down in the meantime.

Photo: Getty Images

It seems Justin really is growing up right before our very eyes. Rather than taking the obligatory date to his movie premiere, he went stag with his tiny mustache instead. And we ALL know that fledgling facial hair is basically the universal symbol of maturity, right? #STACHE TBH, tasseled loafers (which The Biebs also brought) could pass as a hallmark of being grown, too. I mean, have you ever known a child to wear tasseled loafers? Doubt it. Point being: We see you, (Sort of) Manly Bieber.

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