Create Ke$ha's Colorful Hair Yourself With Hair Chalk


Ke$ha's hair changes color on the regular.
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If you've seen any pictures of Ke$ha recently, watched her video for "Timber," or caught the last few episodes of My Crazy Beautiful Life, you may have noticed her perma-blonde hair is now an ever-changing rainbow. Ke$ha debuted her bright 'do in September, then retreated to her tried-and-true blonde hue less than a month later.

As of late, though, K$ has returned to the colorful side. Hard. While she sometimes opts to color half her hair one color entirely and the other half a different color, she's also been messing around with random, multicolored strands. So, what's the deal? How is her hair not turning to straw and then falling out? Well, it looks like Ke$ha has discovered the miracle of hair chalk!


Cop Ke$ha's colorful hair for yourself!
Photos: @iiswhoiis Instagram/Urban Outfitters/Bumble and Bumble/Hair Color Chalk

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If you don't spend time trolling the internet every day to make sure you're up on the latest hair trends, you may be unfamiliar with hair chalking. I, who trolls daily (um, it's my job, OK?), can explain. Hair chalking is a temporary way to color your hair using chalks or powders rather than dye. It disappears in a few washes, which is why Ke$ha can go from half blue and purple hair to multicolored in less than a week.

The OG hair chalkers of the interwebz used actual chalk pastels, like the kind you buy in art stores, but fortunately for us and Ke$ha, there have been many developments since the early hair-chalking days. Chalks made specifically for hair now exist, as do sprays and powders. The chalks work best on light hair, but can also subtly spruce up dark hair. It also works on cats (#furchalk), as evidenced by this photo that someone included in their review on Urban Outfitters. I'm not guaranteeing it was Ke$ha who did this, but she does love bright hair and cats, so...

If you're looking for a quick way to change up your look, or if you're a die-hard #ANIMAL, hair chalk is an easy way to update. If you want to see how Ke$ha's rainbow hair looks in movement, tune in to the season finale of My Crazy Beautiful Life TONIGHT at 10:30 EST!

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