Stocking Stuffers That Don't Suck

Stocking Stuffers

Novel idea: Stuff your stockings with things that don't suck!
Photo: ShopJeen/J.Crew/Amazon/Tattly/Beloved

For many, the gifts found in stockings on Christmas morning prompt a resounding "meh." Once you reach a certain age, you start getting practical things rather than exciting gifts. It's like, "Look, it's the toothbrush you've been saying you needed but haven't gone to the drugstore to buy!" rather than, "Isn't this stocking-sized puppy so cute? We hope you like him!" It doesn't have to be this way. We found gifts that you can give to friends and family (or maybe even sneak into your own stocking) that they'll actually be thrilled to open. Check 'em out below and get shopping! You only have one week left!

Stocking Stuffers

Avoid pine needles with an Inflatable Christmas Tree.
Photo: Fun Slurp

This Inflatable Christmas Tree brings a little greenery into your living room without the hoisting, the struggling to fit the trunk into a stand, and the pine needles everywhere. If your family skipped the tree but went #hard on stockings this year—ta da!—you'll have it all!

Stocking Stuffers

Wear your sunglasses at night. To sleep.
Photo: Amazon

While the holidays provide a nice opportunity for ~rest and relaxation~, people also want to see you constantly and in order to look your best, you need your beauty sleep. This sleep mask can serve you in two ways: You either keep it for yourself and look cool while sleeping, or give it away to family/friends, which guarantees they'll stay asleep longer. Either way, you win, and that's what Christmas is all about (JK)!

Stocking Stuffers

Get tatted up for Christmas.
Photo: Tattly

One good thing about giving away a gift with multiple parts is that you can pretty easily finagle one of those parts for yourself. This temporary tattoo set from Tattly is filled with eight various tattoos, so you and your sister can tat each other up (and freak out your parents).

Stocking Stuffers

Dress your sneakers up for your holiday parties.
Photo: ShopJeen

If you have a friend who's ever complained about her boring shoes, these Foil Swhings are the stocking stuffer answer. Tie them into your laces and you have a new, accessorized pair of sneakers! It's rare that you come across removable shoe accessories, so when you do, you better stock up for yourself your friends.

Stocking Stuffers

Make sure everyone around you can hear 'All I Want For Christmas Is You.'
Photo: J.Crew

This little Amplifier Egg attaches to your iPhone and projects whatever you're playing, whether that's Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You," or Mariah and Justin Bieber's "All I Want For Christmas Is You (SuperFestive!)." The egg requires no batteries and no cords, so you can listen to holiday music wherever you go!

Stocking Stuffers

Take your ears to a different planet.
Photo: ShopJeen

Packing is a pain, and it's easy to forget earrings when you're trying to stuff everything you own into a suitcase designed for a three-day trip. Chances are good someone else you're celebrating with feels this pain, too. These gold astronaut earrings will dress up any outfit you managed to pack, without getting too serious.

Stocking Stuffers

Your feet will be so happy with these emoji socks!
Photo: Beloved

Finally, a gift for anyone (who texts) to enjoy: SMILING POOP EMOJI SOCKS. Though there are hundreds of contenders for best emoji, I'm willing to bet this li'l guy is the MVP of Most Recently Used emojis on smart phones errywhere. These socks are perfect for lounging around your house or wearing to parties and showing off. While some people may think socks featuring a pile of poop may be inappropriate, I'd like to point out that he has eyes and is smiling, so...yeah.

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