Justin Bieber's Tiny Mustache Plays A Big Part In 'Believe'

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and his mustache in the trailer for 'Believe.'
Photo: MTV

In case you missed the widely circulated memo, Justin Bieber's new movie, Believe, is coming out Christmas Day. If you are not a hardcore Belieber, I would avoid going to the movies that day, because it's been three years since the release of Never Say Never, and the Beliebers are HUNGRY for more. A lot has changed since 2011, when bb Biebs had hair that swooped, a hairless face, and no tattoos. Now Biebs has a half-sleeve, a 'do that goes up rather than over, and what has become known as a "dirty 'stache."

In case you haven't watched the new trailer for Believe, I'll fill you in: Bieber decided to keep his tiny, sparse mustache for the movie's interview, where he gets #real and talks about everything that he's gone through in the past year, from attacking the paparazzi to falling in love. MTV was lucky enough to speak with Jon M. Chu, the movie's director, about the 'stache and how it ended up fitting in with the story's arc.

The Secrets Behind Justin Bieber's 'dirty stache' In 'Believe'

Jon reveals that even though Biebs acknowledged his mustache was "delusional," it made him feel older and stood as a symbol of "how he saw himself and what he was going through this whole year." Jon refers to the 'stache as "dirty" several times and, like, IDK why because it looks pretty clean? There's no food in it or anything, so...that's clean by my standards. After you've watched the interview with Jon, check out the full trailer here so you can see that dirty li'l guy (the 'stache, not Bieber) in action.

'Justin Bieber's Believe' MTV Exclusive Trailer Premiere

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