Harry Styles Channels Keith Richards On 'The X Factor UK'

Harry Styles, Keith Richards

Harry Styles channeling Keith Richards for his performance on 'The X Factor UK.'
Photos: 'The X Factor UK'/Getty Images

Many moons ago, in early 2012, there were rumors afloat that young Harry Styles would be taking on the role of Mick Jagger in a Rolling Stones biopic. There were many similarities between the two: the hair, the love of blazers, the colorful turtlenecks. However, after last night's performance on The X Factor (where One Direction got their start, BTW), Harry seems to be channeling a different Stone. Any guesses? DING DING DING! It's Keith Richards!

Harry's love of scarves as headbands is no secret. Dude's been wearing them for months. While that accessory choice in itself is very Keith (with just a touch of John Mayer), Harry furthered the resemblance last night by wearing a cross earring in his left ear. Umm, Harry, when exactly did you get your ear pierced? Did Zayn do it, Parent Trap-style, with a lemon and sewing needle on the tour bus? Considering your every trip to the tattoo parlor is documented, I'm not sure how you flew under the radar and got your first piercing? Unless, maybe, it's a clip-on?

Since Harry has been cited as the reason British men are getting hair extensions (#POWER), jewelry stores in London better prepare for an influx of men on the prowl for some baubles. Sure, Keith Richards has been wearing an earring since before Harry's mother was born, but mearrings (man earrings) now have the support of Harry and, therefore, the nation world.

Harry was spotted after the performance without his new accessory, so whether he actually got pierced or just decided to throw one on for his big return to the stage he started on is unclear. Don't worry, guys, I will make sure to watch every single One Direction performance and examine every picture to keep you updated on Earring-gate 2013. Just doing my job.

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