Has Joe Jonas Gone Bald?


Joe gets festive with a feline.
Photo: @joejonas' Instagram

We interrupt your viewing of Beyonce's self-titled visual album for a (less) important announcement: Joe Jonas posted a photo on Instagram and *GASP* he's ... BALD. And no, not like, buzz-cut bald. He's, like, the-before-shot-of-a-Hair-Club-for-Men-ad kind of bald. Has the stress of the JoBros breakup taken a drastic toll on the middle brother's follicles? Was he wearing a hairpiece all along? Is he a 40-year-old man IRL who lives at home with his mother and has fooled us all into thinking he's actually a 24-year-old pop star?! *pauses for dramatic effect* No! (PHEW.) None of the above, thankfully. Joe Jonas is just a jokester with some really great Photoshop #skillz.

In the very Olan Mills photo posted last night, Joe gets in the holiday spirit with a snowflake-covered Fair Isle turtleneck and a furry feline friend in a tiny Santa hat. "It's getting cold. Cuddle up with a kitten," the caption reads. LOL, Joe. Well played. That sharp sense of humor strikes again. According to Us Weekly, Joe found the original photo on a list of the most awkward family holiday cards before pasting his face onto a bald man's body—which means that this was ~actually~ someone's Christmas card IRL. *GULP* Let's just hope this NEVER turns into a reality for the bushy-browed JoBro. *shudders at the thought*

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