Food Friday: Gingerbread, Man!

Of all the foods typically associated with Christmas, gingerbread cookies—typically made from ginger, molasses, cinnamon, and cloves—are by FAR the best. Have you ever seen a fruitcake smile? I didn't think so. Gingerbread men are (1) adorable, (2) always dressed for the occasion (typically in a three-button onesie), and (3) permanently happy. How do you deny a dessert like that? These little guys are the perfect guests to invite into your stomach this holiday season. So, in honor of these tasty Christmas cookies, we've rounded up our favorite gingerbread man sweaters for this holiday installment of Food Friday.


Photo: Nordstrom

It's raining men! HALLELUJAH! It's raining (gingerbread) men! AMEN! This sweater has it all: a flurry of cookie dudes, smiling faces, precious bow ties, AND buttons that look like berries from a holly bush. Festive.


Photo: Urban Outfitters

It turns out gingerbread men might not be ~permanently~ happy, but how would you feel if someone took bites out of your face, your right hand, and your left foot? Sad. You would feel sad. Also, pain. Now you can show your anti-cannibalism support in the form of this festive sweater from Urban Outfitters. Because you're an activist.


Photo: Farfetch

Less sad and scary is this pink number from Wildfox. As promised, the gingerbread man on this sweater came correct in his nude, three-button suit. AWW! The buttons are pink hearts! Adorable. And you know we love a guy in a bow tie, even if the pale yellow color is a smidge out of season. (We'll let it slide.)


Photo: Target

We don't condone calling anyone ugly, especially an innocent gingerbread man. (But TBH, this one's teeth are looking a little janky. Just being honest.) Also, it's kind of hard to tell if that tiny dot in the middle of his face is a freckle, a pimple, or just the smallest, least functional nose we've ever seen.


Photo: Tipsy Elves

I don't understand why all those gingerbread men look so scared. One of them is straight-up sprinting away from the scene. Don't they know that's SANTA'S hand hovering above them? Santa is SO JOLLY and benevolent. What harm could he do?

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