Best Of MTV Stars' 2013 Style

With the end of the year nigh, we've been reviewing 2013's most stylish stars. We rounded up the musical dudes and ladies whose aesthetic had you talking, we looked at how Miley Cyrus totally nailed the '90s, and we realized that this was totally the year of the designer track.

We now turn our attention to the stars of our very own MTV shows. When they're not crowding our TVs with their beautiful faces, they're stunning on red carpets, sitting front row at Fashion Week, and heading their own fashion empires. MTV stars are a busy bunch, y'all. *hair flip* Let's see what some of their biggest fashion moments were this year!


Holland Roden

Holland Roden's 2013 looks.
Photo: Getty Images

It's no secret that we LOVE Holland Roden. Sure, we liked her before April, but after watching her slay as's Movie Awards Red Carpet correspondent, we fell even harder. Look at the plunging neckline on her black DKNY dress! While her Teen Wolf wardrobe errs on the preppy side, IRL Holland dabbles in menswear-inspired looks in feminine patterns and colors. She also sat front row at five New York Fashion Week shows, so we expect her 2014 style to be as edgy as ever.


Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad's 2013 looks.
Photo: Getty Images

Lauren Conrad has had quite the year! She got engaged, landed the cover of Cosmopolitan, continued designing for Kohl's and Paper Crown, and, probably most important, got herself some bangs. As usual, LC (we go way back, remember?) looked perfectly put together everywhere we saw her, from red carpets to lookbooks. 2014 is bound to be an even bigger year, with wedding plans and the big day itself, and we know Lauren and her flawless ombre will look great every step of the way.


Crystal Reed

Crystal Reed's 2013 looks.
Photo: Getty Images

When she's not schooling us in how to wear plaid on plaid (yeah, she did it before Kanye's "Bound 2" video), Teen Wolf star Crystal Reed is totally killing it at every appearance she makes. Check out the variety in her looks above: leather jacket and bangs, white lace crop top and skirt (#TRENDY) with a half-up/half-down 'do, and gorgeous yellow gown with an updo! There's no style Crystal and her hair won't try. She consistently nails the no-makeup-makeup look, too, and we would like to sign up for lessons. Teach us your ways, Crystal!


Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey's 2013 looks.
Photo: Getty Images

Tyler Posey is the only dude on our list, which is fine, because look at how well he wears pants of varying materials. Every man/boy/child should take lessons: All of Tyler's pants in the above photos are the perfect amount of tight and loose. Bravo, young sir, bravo. His shirt game isn't bad either, IMHO. Dude has it locked down tight. Whether a regular T-shirt, chambray button-up, or ~formal~ dress shirt, they fit as they should. TYLER POSEY 4 PREZ OF MEN'S DRESSING WORLDWIDE Y/N?


Tyler Posey

Ke$ha's 2013 looks.
Photo: Getty Images

We are so happy Ke$ha joined the MTV family with My Crazy Beautiful Life. It's like we're related now! Like she's our cool cousin, and we want to copy everything she does. Ke$ha embarked on a worldwide tour this year in support of her recent album, Warrior, and wrote the book on how to wear embellished leotards and headbands. When she wasn't on the road, Ke$ha got glammed up for red carpets and debuted an ever-changing rainbow 'do. Cool cousin Ke$ha also taught us about what to wear when planning a marriage proposal and how to fashion Solo cups into clothing, and for that, we will be eternally grateful.


Molly Tarlov

Molly Tarlov's 2013 looks.
Photo: Getty Images

Like, 90% of the pictures we peeped of Molly Tarlov this year featured the Awkward star in a patterned mini dress looking anything BUT awkward. Every once in a while, though, Molly would cover up her gorgeous gams with a jumpsuit or floor-length gown and, we must say, she pulls each of them off equally well, which is not an easy task. Plus, that baby-pink headband doesn't look the LEAST bit infantile. Props.


Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari's 2013 looks.
Photo: Getty Images

Much like her fellow Laguna Beach alumna LC, Kristin Cavallari had quite the year. She got married, announced her second pregnancy, designed shoes for Chinese Laundry (again), and hosted a show at New York Fashion Week. As usual, K.Cav managed to be completely on trend at all times, in leather, crop tops, and sheer-accented dresses. We're hopeful that 2014 will be filled with more Kristin fashion collabs, 'cause we luuuhve anything she touches.

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