Everything You Need To Know About Rihanna's 'Flandana'


Rihanna wears a red flandana.
Photo: @badgalriri's Instagram/Flandana

If there's one thing we know about Rihanna, it's that she never met an accessory she didn't like. Where most might shy away from a headband you wear across your forehead or hoop earrings big enough to be chokers, she's embraced both in the past year with open arms. Her grill game is anything but conventional, and she's clearly down to experiment with headgear. Her latest aesthetic exploit? The Flandana, the winter-perfect brainchild of brother-sister duo, Beau and Haley Wollens. We caught up with Haley earlier today to get the #facts about Rih's Flandana (which you can cop for yourself for a cool $32)!

MTV STYLE: So what exactly is Rihanna wearing here? It's not a scarf, but not a straight-up bandana either.

HALEY WOLLENS: Rih is wearing the Heritage Flandana in red. The Flandana is a turnt-up, toasty take on the bandana. It's sherpa fleece-lined, the ultimate winter accessory! From afar, you know it's ours because of the athletic stripe detailing and Flandana logo down the side. It's our own take on the classic paisley pattern. If you look closely, you'll find some fun new factors.

Ahh, so fleece + bandana = FLANDANA. Where did the Flandana come from?

My brother and I created it years ago. I was inspired to make something warm for my graffiti-writer boyfriend, who wore bandanas when he painted to shield his face. As soon as we started rocking them, everyone we knew asked for one—from graff writers to our Grandma—so we knew we had a good product.

And now Rihanna has one and is posting it on Instagram! That's major. How did it get in her hands?

Rihanna is cooler than ice cold, so we're not surprised she took a liking. Plus, Mel Ottenberg, her stylist, is the best in the biz. He's always got his ears and eyes on the streets. We're sure he had something to do with it. ;) We're very thankful.

Besides Bad Gal, who else could you see wearing a Flandana?

Everybody and anybody! From athletes to slackers, young to old. The Flandana is universal and serves a higher purpose than looking cool—it keeps you HELLA WARM.

Any other genius hybrid ideas in your past, present, or future?

We're going to focus on Flandana for a while. Maybe we'll add a mouth hole for sipping straws? LOL. Lots of new styles and collaborations with other brands in the works already, though. Keep up with us on our Instagram: @notcool2becold.

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