Is Beyonce Releasing A New Perfume?


Beyonce's newest fragrance, Rise.
Photo: Getty Images/@byjesstorres Instagram

What might Beyonce's new perfume smell like? "Success" (of course), according to Siempre Mujer beauty and lifestyle editor Jess Torres, who appears to have gotten the first look at it. The news has yet to be confirmed by Beyonce or her Parfums team, but Torres says Queen Bey will add a new scent to her already booming fragrance empire—first Heat, then Pulse, and now Rise. Perhaps she was taking notes at the Yeezus show? Arriving in luxe black packaging with gold lettering, Rise looks like the foil to Jay Z's scent Gold. Unfortunately, the orchid is likely not included. #editorperks

Here's the thing: Usually when artists announce perfumes these days, it's timed to coincide with an album so they can cross promote (Hello, Britney Jean and the anniversary edition of Fantasy, also Justin Bieber's Believe and Girlfriend), so there's a glimmer of hope that this could mean Beyonce has an album in the works for February, when Rise is reported to hit stores. 4 was released two years ago, and all we've seen in the way of a follow-up project from B. is snippets of tracks, aside from "Grown Woman," which she penned for Pepsi. Then again, Bey will be extending her Mrs. Carter tour abroad until at least the end of next March, a move which sliiiiiiiightly decreases the chances that she’ll put out an album before then. Still, at least there will be plenty more opportunities to admire the outfits.

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