Switch Up Your Holiday Party Style With A Jumpsuit

The great thing about jumpsuits is they're an all-in-one outfit. That pretty much makes them perfect for last-minute holiday party dressing. No need for matching, tucking, or checking to see if your Spanx are showing. (The not-so-great thing about jumpsuits, however, is trying to take them off when you have to go to the bathroom, BUT you can cross that bridge when you get to it.) Let's focus on the positives, like how wearing one gives you an opportunity to really let your accessories shine. Or how you can slip on a chunky sweater over your jumpsuit if you get a little chilly, while still looking really put together. Or how much flexibility you'll have to do the limbo and/or cartwheels and other assorted acrobatics (if that's where your night takes you...to each her own).

Regardless of whether you'll be standing, sitting, or shimmying under a bamboo bar, we've rounded up a few of our favorite jumpsuits that'll keep you looking limber at your next holiday shindig.



Jump around! Jump up, jump up, and get down!
Photos: Nasty Gal/Shopbop/Pixie Market/ASOS

Nothing says Christmas like a red hot one-piece! (According to Miley Cyrus, at least.) I have no idea how to get in or out of this cut-out number (I'm sure there's a zipper somewhere), but the plunging V-neck and crisscross back straps sure do make it a smokin' choice! Plus, it's on sale and available in all sizes ($47)! You could also try channeling your inner-Katy Perry in this silk, long-sleeve leopard-print piece (eye of the tiger/leopard, same difference) that—BONUS!—has a super-forgiving drawstring waist ($287). Perfect for a party where you'll be crushing hors d' oeuvres. Or, if you want to veer on the dainty side, try this teal, chiffon slip jumpsuit with a (mostly) open back ($55). Lined with lace at the bustier, it's basically the equivalent of wearing your robe in public, but with way more leg coverage. Finally, this long-sleeve one-piece from Asos, which is decked out in blue and green animal prints and red baroque flourishes, will have people checking you out all night ($91). And not just because you'll look like a walking Magic Eye!



Jumpin' Black Flash
Photo: ASOS/Nasty Gal/Need Supply

Instead of an LBD, why not try an LBJ? (That's Long Black Jumpsuit, not Lyndon B. Johnson, in case you were confused.) This dark tartan print number has full back coverage and a tasteful V-neck front ($109). But it's made of a super soft velvet, so you can crawl from your party straight into your bed without even having to change clothes. Or, if you want a garment that will give you full coverage AND provide the illusion of a Beyoncé silhouette, check out this Censored Curves jumpsuit from Nasty Gal ($58), which features nude, cut-out mesh panels at the sides and in the back. We're also really into this lovely lace one-piece: It's sophisticated, feminine, AND comes with a skinny black belt to cinch the waist ($136). Last but not least, if you wanna snag a suit that can go from day-to-night, this sleeveless pick from Need Supply is definitely your best bet ($78). You can wear it with heels, flats and/or a fuzzy Santa hat. TBH, you could even wear a Christmas tree on your head (à la Lady Gaga) with this and still look cute. A li'l crazy, but cute.

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