Ariana Grande Or Miley Cyrus: Who Did Christmas Style Best?


Ariana and Miley get in the holiday spirit for Jingle Ball in Minnesota.
Photo: Getty Images

Deck the halls with crop tops and high-cut leotards, y'all. Minnesota's Jingle Ball happened in St. Paul last night, and BOY, did things get festive. Now I like an ugly Christmas sweater just as much as the next person, but Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus took holiday cheer to a whole new level with their uber-yuletide outfits. And, as you might expect, one of them was naughty and the other was nice. (Although we're sure Santa appreciates the sentiment, regardless.)


Ariana's Minnesota Jingle Ball outfit and nails.
Photos: Getty Images/@arianagrande's Instagram

Ariana Grande took the stage in her preferred silhouette: a sweetheart-cut crop top and a flouncy, A-line skirt. But instead of being covered in pretty pastels or cutesy florals, Ariana's outfit was adorned with boughs of holly. Don't you just want to put her up on your fireplace mantle? And, according to her Instagram, Grande's look also included some super sweet (heh) nail art that resembled swirled peppermint candies (#jolly). Her long wavy locks (which are a slightly lighter shade these days) were accessorized with a cat-ear headband that doesn't exactly scream Christmas, but is totally typical of the tiny diva.


Miley's Jingle Ball outfit.
Photos: Getty Images

Miley Cyrus ALSO performed in her preferred silhouette (a revealing leotard), but that's pretty much where the similarities end. Miley's blazing red, long-sleeve one-piece kind of reminds us of the one she wore in that infamous shoot with Terry Richardson (view at your own risk), but, like, ~slightly~ more SFW. Of course, it wouldn't be "white trash and Chanel" without some Chanel, so the fluffy white cuffs were adorned with tiny Chanel cufflinks. She also accessorized with some pom-pom earrings, studded high-heeled boots, a bold swipe of red lipstick, and at one point, a seriously gigantic fur.

So, Arianators and Smilers, who do YOU think did Christmas style best last night? (And did you figure out who was naughty and who was nice? LOL *wink*)

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