A Brief History Of Britney Spears Shamelessly Plugging Her Perfumes In Music Videos

Britney Spears applies her Fantasy scent in her video for ’Perfume.’
Photo: RCA Records

The video for Britney Spears’ latest single, “Perfume,” was just released and, wow, Britney must smell really good. She applies perfume ALL over her body. Is that how you get perfume to last? Spraying it on your stomach? I will take advice from a woman who has 12 scents to her name.

Obviously, with a song title like “Perfume” and bottles of Fantasy to sell, Britney and her team didn’t miss the perfect opportunity for slow-mo shots of the pink sequined bottle as Britney applies enough for a few days. At those quantities, it’s sure to rub off on the man you’re having an affair with, Brit. His girlfriend will definitely smell your perfume.

Britney and her team weren’t waiting for a perfectly named single to peddle perfume in her videos, though: Her various scents have made appearances for years! Let’s take a look at some more cameos, shall we?

WORK B****

Britney Spears, the desert, and a bottle of Fantasy in the ’Work B****’ video.
Photo: RCA Records

In the “Work B****” video, Britney sits at a glass vanity, in front of a bottle of Fantasy. Unlike in “Perfume,” where its appearance makes sense (I mean, she has to apply the stuff in at least one shot, right?), its appearance in the desert is baffling.


Britney Spears and bottles of Radiance and Fantasy in her ’Criminal’ video.
Photo: RCA Records

In the video for “Criminal,” Britney finds herself in the bathroom at a fancy party where there is not one but two bottles of her perfume! What a coincidence! She spritzes eight pumps of Radiance on her neck and gets involved with a bad boy.


Britney Spears and a bottle of Radiance in the ’Hold It Against Me’ video.
Photo: RCA Records

In “Hold It Against Me,” a bottle of Radiance is handed to Britney, for seemingly no reason (money is a reason, I guess, but I’m talking plot-wise here). She sprays it, sniffs it, shows the bottle off to the camera, and goes on the dating website Plenty of Fish. Yeah, IDK.


Britney Spears and bottles of Curious and Fantasy in her ’Circus’ video.
Photo: RCA Records

The “Circus” video opens on a shot of bottles of Fantasy and Curious, which Britney picks up and sprays upwards of 15 times on her neck. Britney must go through perfume quickly, given the rate at which she applies it. I guess she has an unlimited fountain forever refilling her dwindling bottles of Fantasy, Radiance, and Curious, so she’s allowed to apply liberally. Just don’t get too soaked, Brit, or people won’t want to sit next to you on the bus.


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