Here's The First Look At Nicki Minaj's Second Kmart Collection

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj models a dress from the spring line of her Kmart collection.
Photo: @nickiminaj Instagram

Back in early November, Nicki Minaj posted a photo to her Instagram wearing a chain-print dress from her Nicki Minaj Collection for Kmart, which wasn't included in the fall line. That got us wondering whether her Minajesty was, in fact, designing a second season for Kmart and, well, we just got our answer: She is!

Nicki, after a brief Instagram and Twitter hiatus (never leave us again!), posted pictures of herself in a multicolored graffiti-print dress with the caption, "NickiMinajSpringCollection #SneakPeak." This print is definitely new, but the signature cut and fit resembled her fall collection. It seems safe to say most of Nicki's designs are going to be both tight and short. Or they'll work with no shirt on underneath. Every designer has her classic looks.

If Nicki teases this spring collection as she teased her fall collection, I'm pulling for her to take every shot in this hallway for two reasons: 1) the Marilyn Monroe painting behind her, and 2) the extremely high doorknob to her left. Nicki is 5'2". She's wearing five-inch stiletto purple booties. That doorknob is at the same height as her hand, which makes no sense. What's in that room, Nicki? Is that where you take your shirtless selfies?

While details about the new collection haven't emerged yet, Nicki will undoubtedly be showing off new pieces on Instagram and wearing them IRL whenever she can. We're guessing crop tops, leggings, and dresses will make further appearances, but since she is designing for a different (warmer) season, maybe less material will be used? Maybe all the looks will revolve around and incorporate those pasties she teased in October? Now that Nicki is back posting 19 pictures at a time, we have a feeling we'll know more deets soon.

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