Did Justin Bieber Design A New Adidas Sneaker?


Bieber's new kicks?
Photos: Getty Images/@justinbieber's Instagram

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber shared a photo of some fresh white kicks with the caption, "New Adidas I designed." Say whaaat? Man, Bieber really IS following in Kanye's footsteps. First, he wears a kilt in his "All That Matters" video, and now he's designing shoes for Adidas? Swag. Unfortunately, other than this Instagram post, little information has been shared about this apparent collaboration. One source told us that they could possibly hit shelves in the spring, but nothing will be confirmed until after the holidays. HMPH! *crosses arms, pouting* We don't appreciate being teased, especially where shoes are concerned. Shoes and/or Justin Bieber, actually. (The lengthy lead-up to that short film for The Key was pure agony.)

Of course, a collaboration would make a ton of sense: Bieber is a renowned sneaker freak, and he's already appeared in several ad campaigns for the Adidas NEO line. And these all-white, leather, low-cut kicks that Biebs previewed are on par with the NEO high-tops he's been wearing throughout his Believe world tour. Maybe he was SO inspired by himself that he needed a low-top alternative? Maybe he's longed for the perfect pair of basic kicks and, after searching the world high and low, decided it'd just be easier to design some? Maybe he won't actually share these with us after all, which makes owning a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes even more #swaggy and exclusive? (But also NOT COOL, JUSTIN.) IDK. Either way, we need some updates STAT.

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