Lady Gaga Wore An iPad Dress, A Christmas Tree, And So Much More This Weekend

L to R: Lady Gaga in chaps, an iPad wedding dress, and with a Christmas tree on her head.
Photos: Getty Images/Lady Gaga’s Twitter

Lady Gaga wore more outfits in one weekend than most people do in, like, a year. These were obviously not your run-of-the-mill T-shirt and jeans either. One of her dresses featured a working iPad, and she paired another with winter’s hottest headpiece: a decorated Christmas tree. She managed to squeeze in six other looks, and as usual, they’re all worth discussing, so let’s get to it!

Lady Gaga in a sequined leotard in London.
Photo: Getty Images

On Friday night, Gaga left her London hotel in what I usually wear on a casual Friday: a sequined leotard, matching sequined boots, and tulle wings. Her headpiece, which looks like a swirl of whipped cream, is pretty low-key, TBH, compared to the rest of the weekend’s head decorations.

Lady Gaga on ’Alan Carr: Chatty Man.’
Photo: Lady Gaga’s Twitter

For her appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man on Friday night, Gaga wore a wedding dress, which had a working iPad sewn into its bodice. The dress which was designed by recent Gaga fave Kansai Yamamoto, is, according to Gaga’s tweet, for the “bride who tweets from the aisle! plays her own march!” Is this what the future will be like? iPads included in everything? I mean, I’m not opposed, because sometimes you wanna tweet when you’re sitting on your couch but your phone is in your room, which is 20 feet away, and you realize, “Though genius, this tweet is not worth getting up for.” If iPads were included in mesh basketball shorts and sweatshirts, the world would be rid of this problem.

Lady Gaga in a black tasseled dress in London.
Photo: Getty Images

On Saturday night, Gaga left the hotel in a netted leather dress, and for her nightly hair accessory, she opted for what can only be described as an oversized (we’re talking giant) stainless steel sponge. Imagine all the pots and pans you could scour with that bad boy! The front strands of her long, blonde wig were pulled up, around, and into the headpiece, giving the illusion it was windy at all times.

Lady Gaga in a orange chaps in London.
Photo: Getty Images

Sunday afternoon, when it was a balmy 54 degrees, Gaga was spotted in a bra, matching underwear, and orange chaps. Excuse me, Lady Gaga, I don’t think those chaps are going to provide much protection on a horse given your flimsy underwear situation. Plus, those shoes! You can’t fit paint-splattered platforms into stirrups.

Lady Gaga with a Christmas tree on her head, NBD.
Photo: Getty Images

Gaga’s best look from this weekend, IMHO, was also her most festive. Decked out (heh) in a red romper and Grinch-inspired green hair, Gaga didn’t stop her holiday spirit there. She accessorized with a tiny Christmas tree atop her head, including ornaments and a gold star. I give YOU a gold star for your outfit, Gaga. Wearing itchy, shedding pine needles is probably the worst, and yet you make it look totally feasible.

Lady Gaga in custom Versace at Jingle Bell Ball.
Photo: Getty Images

For her appearance at the Jingle Bell Ball on Sunday night, Gaga broke out her white dread wig and paired it with a custom Versace suit. The robin’s egg-blue suit is a vintage Gianni Versace print that was reimagined by Donatella Versace (so Gaga says). The flaxen-haired Italian designer also made the accessories, so it looks like Gaga is getting QUITE the special treatment as the face of Versace/Donatella’s BFF.

Lady Gaga performing at Jingle Bell Ball.
Photo: Lady Gaga’s Twitter

For her performance, Gaga switched into her green ombre wig and a glittery seashell bikini, which looks way sturdier than ones she’s worn in the past. In lieu of pants, she opted for fishnets and bedazzled underwear. Gaga is obviously a huge fan of the tights-instead-of-pants look, tweeting, “This is what my happiness looks like.” If I looked that good in fishnets, I’d be pretty happy too, TBH.

Lady Gaga in with long dreads in London.
Photo: Getty Images

For her last appearance in front of her London hotel, Gaga kept the dreads but went Victorian in a mustard-yellow dress. The dress, with its long, sequined sleeves and high collar, may be rather cumbersome for flying, but we’ve accepted that Gaga travels in style rather than comfort.

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