Miley Cyrus Debuts Baby Bangs And A Bob

Miley Cyrus

Miley's got a brand new bob.
Photo: Getty Images

Welp, it's official: Miley Cyrus is a magician. How else could you explain her overnight hair transformation? On Friday, Miley performed at KIIS FM's Jingle Ball in L.A., where her pixie cut was softly combed over, revealing a shaved side. Business as usual, basically. Then suddenly, without warning, Cyrus showed up to an event on Saturday sporting a classic blunt bob with baby bangs. Now, we all know that in recent months, Miley's been vocal about wanting to grow her hair back out—but adding inches within hours? That's straight-up sorcery.

Is it a wig she's wearing or an optical illusion? *peers through magnifying glass, Sherlock Holmes-style* The color seems to be the EXACT same shade as it was before, roots and all. Yet wigs offer the ~perfect~ opportunity to never have roots. Ever. But maybe these visible roots were a conscious choice to make the look as natural as possible. Stranger things have happened. (Like, say, that time she wore black pasties and a mesh dress.)

Or perhaps this is Miley's real hair with new real bangs, and this is just the first time we've seen it styled stick-straight and parted in the middle. The rest of her mane was getting to be long enough for her to tuck it behind an ear, so this new bob could just be the surprise result of months of waiting. Either way, we're definitely digging her punky new 'do. It's, dare we say, totally bangin'! (LOL. Get it? Because she has bangs now? *sigh*)

Are you into Miley's new bob?

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