Celebrities Who Loved Selfies In 2013

Selfies were errywhere this year. Oxford Dictionaries named selfie the word of 2013, which, based on celebrity Instagram accounts, makes total sense. Celebs love taking selfies and we, as bloggers and breathing humans, love looking at said selfies. We've come to rely on them to tell us what our faves are wearing, where they are, and who they're hanging with. It isn't until you look through every Instagram of Rihanna's from the past year that you truly appreciate just how much the badgal loves sharing her face/her new hair color/her products with the rest of the world. But Ri's not the only one doing it. We've rounded up our favorite selfies from the past year so you can peep 'em and refer back when taking GPOYs of your own. Enjoy!


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj shares her selfies with two special guests.
Photo:@nickiminaj Instagram

For most people, selfies are all about the face. Obviously, Nicki Minaj is not like most people. Her selfies tend to draw attention to the two assets that sit below eye level and could easily stay out of frame. Nicki got bolder about baring as the year went on. While she began 2013 with some heavy cleavage, by the end she was straight-up giving us full-frontal pasties. Her Halloween costume, in case you couldn't tell, was a police officer. It's been a while since we've gotten any Instagrams from her Minajesty, so we're hoping she's planning to make up for lost time in 2014.



Beyoncé debuted her new 'do.
Photo:@beyonce Instagram

Do you guys remember the night Beyoncé posted this photo to her Instagram? It was like 3 AM, she probably thought most people were asleep, but NAH, everyone's Beyoncé Hair Change sensor went off, and by morning the whole world knew. Not only did Bey debut her 'do in an Instagram photo, she used two (impeccably manicured) hands to hold her phone steady as she took the mirror shot seen around the globe. Of course, less than a week later, Bey was back to longer hair and hasn't selfied since, but we have that August 8th selfie and will cherish it under our pillow forever. JK.


Demi Lovato

The many selfie faces of Demi Lovato.
Photos:@ddlovato Instagram

While many people look their best in selfies (weird how total control of angle and filters allows everyone to #SHINE), Demi Lovato's selfies are of another breed. Driving without a chin? Whatever, perfect selfie time. Next to your cover of Cosmopolitan in a CVS? Perfect #meta selfie time. While she doesn't upload as frequently as some other ~stars~, when she does, it's always with the BEST eyebrows and totally hilarz. Eight out of 10 on the LOL scale. Given her glorious blue mane and the fact that she's heading out on her Neon Lights tour with Fifth Harmony, we're expecting that rating to jump to a perfect 10.


Harry Styles

Baby's first selfie.
Photo:@harrystyles Instagram

Harry Styles, newly crowned British fashion king and my future husband, has mastered the art of taking photos of himself and fans when he is accosted on the street, in stores, at the beach, etc. Considering his skill with the reverse camera, it's a little bit surprising that it took until November 2013 for his first selfie. What's not surprising is that he totally nailed it. Wearing an inexplicable blonde wig and hanging out with Sienna Miller makes for a pretty impressive first selfie. Topping off the perfection is the caption: "I have no idea. @sienna." YOU HAVE NO IDEA, HARRY? WE HAVE NO IDEA. You were the one who was there! Also that's 100% not Sienna Miller's Instagram profile, but, fittingly, belongs to a man who is taking a mirror selfie in a deep V-neck shirt. The people want more selfies, H! Maybe a few without a shirt? IDK!


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and woman's best friend.
Photo:@mileycyrus Instagram

Miley Cyrus has only be on Instagram since May, but the girl luhhhves her a selfie. Much like Nicki Minaj, Miley has selfie costars who appear in the majority of her shots. We're talking 'bout dogs! There are two key elements that help identify a Miley Cyrus selfie: her bed and her dogs. Some, like the one on the bottom right, barely show Miley at all, but, like, did Mary Jane the dog take that photo herself? If you direct your gaze above, you'll realize that dog isn't a genius—though, IDK, maybe she is smart for a dog. No, Miley is lying down with her, snappin' selfies. In terms of selfless selfies, Miley is killin' it.


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber focused his selfie on his zit. #Bold
Photo:@justinbieber Instagram

Real talk: Justin Bieber posts the most selfies of anyone we "know." Hat-wearing selfies, shirtless selfies, tattoo-getting selfies, and tiny mustache selfies are only a few of the categories Biebs has given us in the past year. His #REALEST selfie, though? A closeup of his face where, in the caption, he highlights a pimple that is really not that visible. Sure, it could be a plug for Proactiv, for which he's a spokesperson and which he randomly name drops, but maybe, just maybe, he's an everyman who feels consumed by a pimple. Who lets it take over his entire swaggy life. Either way, we love us a behind-the-scenes look, so we'll take it.


Ariana Grande

Mirror, mirror: Ariana Grande is the #QUEEN.
Photo:@arianagrande Instagram

When MySpace was in its heyday, mirror shots were errywhere. Ariana Grande's Instagram account serves up some old school MySpace realness in terms of the number of reflective shots the tiny singer shares. The iPhone's front-facing camera has basically eliminated the need for mirror selfies, but Ariana is single-handedly bringing them back. She uses the shots to share her outfit of the day (#OOTD, for the uninitiated) and her hair (JK, it's always in a half-up, half-down ponytail). Ariana has mastered the art of mirror shots from different positions: sitting, standing, kneeling, etc. You give her a mirror and she'll give you a shot of her entire outfit. Also of note: She's had three iPhone cases this year so far (teddy bear, white, and pink). Any guesses on her 2014 choices?


Rita Ora

Rita Ora perfects the summer selfie.
Photo:@ritaora Instagram

Selfies, as their name implies, are intended to reflect one's likeness. Given that the selfie-taker has complete control over the lighting, angle, filters, and cropping, it's not hard to make every selfie the best photo that's ever been taken of yourself, by yourself. Given that 411, when we peeped this pic Rita Ora posted, we were like, "Wait. Come again? Who is that?" Between the angle, the sunglasses, and the lack of forehead, this could be Rita, or it could be a random person who knows how to take the most summery selfie ever. The bright red lips should've given it away (I mean, 2013 was the year she joined forces with Rimmel), but still, this angle may be the most appearance-altering we've seen yet.


Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez's selfie features BFF Demi Lovato.
Photo:@selenagomez Instagram

As we already know, Demi Lovato kills it with her selfie game. Imagine our surprise and excitement then when she appeared in a mirror selfie taken by Selena Gomez! Selfies featuring another person are an entirely different game than solo selfies. You need make sure you're both in frame, both looking at the camera, and both making some sort of face acknowledging you know the picture is being taken (see: Selena and Demi's kissy faces). A two-person selfie stacked with two of our faves is even rarer, but obviously, Selena makes it look easy. In case you're looking for 2014 resolutions, Selena, how about some more selfies featuring other celebs? You have the skills, now create more masterpieces.



Rihanna goes bare for her selfies.
Photo:@badgalriri Instagram

Last year, we named Rihanna the biggest celebrity perpetrator of the selfie. This year, she continued her reign, introducing us to new hairstyles, new lipstick colors, and new grills, all using her well-manicured fingers and a front-facing camera. A selfie of hers with a slow loris (second row, furthest left) actually landed two men in jail in Thailand. Seems like she really is a badgal. Rihanna stepped her selfie game UP this year. While celebs and plebes alike use the selfie to show off their best looks (people rarely take photos of themselves when they're sick), badgalriri's Instagram is FILLED with selfies that feature her au naturel, which, obviously, are still totally gorgeous. While she may go swimming with bright red lipstick on and more jewelry than I've ever worn in my life, she, like the rest of us, watches TV makeup-free. Unlike the rest of us, she takes a picture of herself watching TV makeup-free and shares it with 10.7 million people.

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