Lady Gaga Does Her Best Picasso Impression


Picasso, baby.
Photos: Getty Images

Lady Gaga is starting to make an art of leaving hotels. HAH. Get it? o_O (Sorry, it's Friday.) On Wednesday, Gaga left a London hotel in a sprawling cape printed with Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. She also matched her makeup to resemble the famous subject. Today, she walked out in an oversized sweatshirt painted to resemble Picasso's 1932 piece, Girl before A Mirror. The original mostly makes use of primary colors, while Gaga's version is tinted in pastels. (Do I spy a hint of Pantone's Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, in there? How hip and trendy of you, Gagaloo!) Mother Monster wore a pink, knee-length fishtail skirt under her mock Picasso and accessorized with yellow, tasseled platform brogues, ruffle-top ankle socks, and fishnet hose.


Girl George.
Photo: Getty Images

Obviously, we also NEED to talk about what's going on with her face. Much like Wednesday's wearable art, Gaga had her mug made up to mimic the subject(s) in the Picasso piece—this time around, with a thick swipe of red on her cheek, an open-eye painted on her left lid and dual-colored hair. If she wasn't wearing that oversized sweatshirt, I'd SWEAR she was channeling Culture Club-era Boy George. I mean, the hat, the hair, the serious-artist scowl: It's pretty dead-on. Anyone else seeing that or is it just me? #ARTPOP

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