Food Friday: Beyoncé Wears Head-To-Toe Pizza


Beyoncé and her head-to-toe pizza outfit.
Photos: Getty Images/Splash News

Well, well, well, y'all, looks like someone is craving pepperoni and/or pizza after two days on the vegan train. Beyoncé, who has joined Jay Z on a 22-day vegan challenge, wore a head-to-toe pizza outfit to a vegan restaurant in L.A. (TBH, aren't they all, though?) Pizza on pizza, people (#HERO #BOWDOWN #PEPPERONI4EVER). She is not kidding around. She must know of our love for food-themed clothing and decided to shoot us a "wassup, I feel you" without uttering a single word.

Bey wore pepperoni-pizza print leggings (you can get a similar pair here), which would probably be hard for anyone but Beyoncé to pull off. Taking a cue from her sis Solange, who is #QUEEN of wearing prints on prints, Bey wore a pepperoni-pizza patterned crop top, too. While there are plenty of options out there for a matching closeup-pizza sweatshirt, Bey opted for a print with entire pies.

After a 22-day vegan challenge, I'd be ready (and able) to eat all the pies on her shirt. Bey dances around on stage every night and has BB Blue Ivy to dress in studded leather coats, so I can only IMAGINE how she's feeling, hunger-wise.

In case you're in the market for any other pizza-themed clothing, Beyoncé, be sure to check out our Food Friday pizza post. If you need any other non-vegan items to wear to restaurants, we've got ya covered.

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