Win The Shirt Ke$ha Put On eBay On Last Night's 'My Crazy Beautiful Life'


Ke$ha in her 'C'Mon' video and the shirt she's auctioning off.
Photos: Epic Records/eBay

On last night's My Crazy Beautiful Life, Ke$ha decided to hold an eBay auction, the proceeds of which will benefit The Humane Society of the United States. The items, as Ke$ha describes them, range from things she wore on red carpets to items from her childhood. During the episode, K$ tweeted the link to her eBay store (#technology) which we, of course, immediately clicked on.

While the Hawaiian shirt from her ex-BF and the "hot and dangerous" Herve Leger dress that we got a preview of in the episode aren't on the site (are they sold out already or did she get cold feet?), the plaid shirt from her "C'Mon" video is. The shirt is her "Awful House" uniform, which she wears before she quits to party in a van with people in animal costumes. Considering her love for full-body furries and the name bestowed upon her fans, her decision to donate money to help dogs is, like, such a no-brainer.


Ke$ha gets her shirt ready for eBay on 'My Crazy Beautiful Life.'
Photo: MTV

The "Awful House" shirt, which shows slight signs of Ke$ha wear (glitter), is already going for $350 with still a week left of bidding! If you're a hardcore animal, want a #LEGIT Halloween costume for years to come, or just want to help dogs and get something tangible at the same time, bidding on this shirt is 100% for you.

If $350 is out of your price range, you could always bid on the vintage Tesla T-shirt that's only $61. Ke$ha's description reads: "I bought this off a homeless guy for $200 outside Cabin Down Below in NYC." Oh. (Can someone sign Ke$ha up for a crash course in sales?) If you want the shirt, you are getting a bargain compared with what Ke$ha paid for it, and it's for a good cause, so. Get bidding!


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