This Might Be Lady Gaga's Most 'ARTPOP' Outfit Yet

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga does her best 'Mona Lisa' impression.
Photo: Splash News

Just yesterday, we saw Lady Gaga leave Tokyo in demented Disney princess jeans. Like, the pants that many people wear daily. Alas, after just a few hours of trying out life in everyday denim, Gaga is back to doing her own thang, this time in a Mona Lisa printed cape. Turning iconic works of art into clothing is, so far, a big part of Gaga's ARTPOP era steez (see: her Botticelli dress and Jeff Koons Gazing Ball purse). Her tour merch is going to be so artsy!

Gaga left her hotel in London wearing what, TBH, looks like a blanket that she bought on the street outside the Louvre and cut a head hole into. Given how much she loves bedazzling, I wouldn't be surprised if she broke out the scissors every once in a while. Much like the recognizable Disney princesses on her jeans, this Mona Lisa bears a close resemblance to the one that sits in the museum, but is inexplicably a little ~off~. Gaga's cape/blanket ML seems happier than Da Vinci's. The air of mystery surrounding her has evaporated. She also seems to have had a touch of rhinoplasty and a hint of chin surgery. Say hello to 21st century Mona, y'all.

Gaga's wig and makeup choice for her outing seem to echo her famous subject's. Her long brown hair is middle-parted, and she has on matching brown eye shadow and lipstick. And she's pale, but not as pale as she has been. If she hasn't thought of anything better by next year, Gaga should keep this look in her folder of Halloween costumes. It's so #META.

Considering her ARTPOP art streak, which famous work do you think Gagaloo will sport next? My money is on The Scream.

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