Is Selena Gomez Considering Chopping Off Her Hair?

Selena Gomez performing at 106.1 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball 2013.
Photo: Getty Images

Don’t worry, Selenators, Selena Gomez didn’t actually cut her hair! It does kinda seem like she’s toying with the idea, though, unless she’s attempting to create a Sasha Fierce-esque onstage persona for herself. I mean, early in November, Flaunt magazine released those pictures of her with a blunt bob, and now, almost a month later, she’s performing wearing a very similar wig. Or maybe the same one? IDK, maybe she “borrowed” it from set. We would be all for the drastic ’do (you know we love us some may-jah hair news), but we ALSO can’t forget the follow-up video to her Flaunt spread, where short-haired Selly was searching for her longer-haired self.

Selena hit the stage in Dallas in a white bralet/hotpants combo similar to the outfits she’s been wearing all tour, but her hair was noticeably, like, 10 inches shorter. We would’ve thought she cut her hair for real, but an hour earlier, her mane was its usual glamorous length.

Selena Gomez on the red carpet at 106.1 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball 2013.
Photo: Getty Images

Before her performance, Selena hit the red carpet wearing a plunging navy jumpsuit from Zara (Selenators, it’s still available if you’re looking to cop Selly’s style for the holidays!), and sporting sleek waves. Imagining her stuffing that perfect hair into a wig cap is a little hard to stomach, but whatever. To each her own.

Do you think Selly is seriously considering making the chop? If her Instagram is any indication, she seems to have short hair on her mind. And if she cuts it and doesn’t like it, she can always wear a long wig, right?

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