Lady Gaga Wore A Surprisingly Normal Outfit To The Airport


Lady Gaga at the Tokyo airport.
Photo: Splash News

In a surprising act of normalcy, Lady Gaga ditched her wigs, strapped on her staple shoes, and wore jeans (*GASP*) to catch a flight from Tokyo's Narita Airport today. Not just any jeans, mind you—these jeans were BAGGY (*DOUBLE GASP*) and rolled over at the waist. I mean, Gaga NEVER wears jeans. In fact, whereas 99% of the population would typically wear jeans with, say, a flannel shirt, Mother Monster has, on multiple occasions, opted to go sans pants entirely. Until now.

At the end of the day, though, she's still Lady Gaga—which is why she chose a pair covered in demented-looking Disney princesses. Seriously, there's something way off about the way their faces are painted, amirite? I highly doubt that Walt would approve. *shudder*


Be afraid.
Photos: Getty Images

Gaga's Disney jeans draw an even more stark contrast when compared to what she decided to wear for her departure from LAX to Tokyo (which, BTW, is an 11-HOUR JOURNEY). I don't know where the woman finds the energy. I'm exhausted just thinking about describing this look. Like, WHAT. IS. THAT? An original costume from Alien vs. Predator: The Musical (free idea)? An artful commentary on modern zipper teeth? Fifty pounds of solid leather? No. None of the above.

1.) It's ~faux~ leather and silk. 2.) That jaw-dropping black getup is by Slovenian designer Peter Movrin, and it has a name: "The Franz Madonna Dress." Also, it costs $9,543. Because ARTPOP. You could not pay me that much to try taking that off in an airplane bathroom. So, yeah. Those Disney jeans are definitely a more practical steelo for this leg of her travels.

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