You Can Add The Miley Twerk, 'Wheelchair Jimmy' And More Memes To Your Closet


The new icon collection from Memes On Clothes.
Photo: @themocbrand's Instagram

YASSS! Our prayers have finally been answered (and then some). We've been touting the genius of Yolo Polos ever since they first started stitching hip-hop memes on shirts, waaay back in August. After they paid tribute to Dada Drake (#DADALEAN), we put in a humble request for a Wheelchair Jimmy version. In September, we got an extended color palette, Jay Z's Dad Dive (#AWKWARDDIVE) and Miguel's Billboard Leg Drop—which, of course, we welcomed to the polo shirt fold with open arms. Sadly, Miguel's meme shirt was recently discontinued, but DRY YOUR EYES because the newly re-branded M.O.C. Brand now has FIVE new viral icons and one of them is—you guessed it—Wheelchair Jimmy. We're not sayin' we had anything to do with it, but... *flips hair*


Jaden Smith's #prayinghands.
Photos: MTV/The M.O.C. Brand

Yes, friends. It's true. You can now take Degrazzi's Jimmy Brooks (#MAYBESHEWHEEL) with you everywhere you go, and you don't even need access to a handicap ramp. But wait! There's more! Also available on the 100% cotton garments are: Kanye West's #THESHRUG (from *achem* that Taylor Swift at 2009 MTV VMAs moment), Scarlett Johansson's #B******BETRIPPIN (from when she was captured taking a tumble on the set of a film), Miley Cyrus' #THETWERK (from, well, you know) and Jaden Smith's #PRAYINGHANDS (from when this act of teenage idol worship happened). Cyber Monday Sales be damned, we are getting our hands on at least one of these bad boys ASAP.

The formerly anonymous masterminds have finally decided to step out from behind the shadows and revealed themselves to be two dudes named Tony Cernglia and Joseph Evans. And as we mentioned before, they've also re-branded their subtly hilarious line of clothing as The M.O.C. Brand, Memes on Clothes. R.I.P., #YOLOPOLOS. No longer available on polos alone, M.O.C. has added beanies, long-sleeve t-shirts and crewneck sweatshirts to feature "the most hilarious and notorious memes" that money can buy/print in limited edition quantities. EVEN MORE PLEASE, KTHX.

Which memes do you want to see on the next wave of M.O.C. gear?

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