32 Turtlenecks To Celebrate Britney Spears' 32nd Birthday

Britney Spears

Britney Spears: turtlenecks' biggest fan.
GIF: Jenny Shafei

No one loves turtlenecks more than Britney Spears. It's just a fact. From her immaculate white "Sometimes" top to her red latex "Oops...I Did It Again" catsuit to her mid-aughts Starbucks run uniforms, the Louisiana girl-turned-woman has been a fan of the hyper-modest neckline since way back her earliest days of pop superstardom. That's not to say she didn't also delve into lower-cut territory (and midriff-baring and micro hemlines) because she totally totally did, but Brit's thing for turtlenecks, and even a subtle mock neck, is pretty unique, and with the exception of Spears herself has remained a relic of the late '90s until now.

Despite it not necessarily being the most flattering steez for most normal humans, Britney has stood by the look for over a decade and may be the precise origin to blame responsible for the sartorial phenomenon that is the short-sleeved, cropped turtleneck. Now, to celebrate her 32nd year (AND because we're right on the heels of her eighth studio album Britney Jean), we're offering up 32 turtlenecks for any brave lady (Brit included) whose closet (and clavicle) is feeling a little bare.


Photo: Nasty Gal/Topshop

+ Cut Class Crop Top: ($26.60)

+ Ripple High Neck Tank: ($31.50)

+ Roll Neck Tee: ($30.00)

+ High Neck Animal Jaquard Top: ($8.40)


Photo: Urban Outfitters/Nasty Gal

+ Je'Taime Fitted Tee: ($34.00) Black graphic cold shoulder $34.00:

+ Rapture Crop Top: ($26.60)


Photo: ASOS/River Island


+ Turtleneck Backless Bodysuit: ($50.00)

+ Abstract Floral Turtleneck Bodysuit: ($36.00)


Photo: Topshop/Urban Outfitters

+ Heart Print Roll Neck Top: ($21.00)

+ Jeweled Mock Neck Cropped Tee: ($39.00)

+ Checkered Mock Neck Top: ($29.00)


Photo: Urban Outfitters

+ Denaro Cropped Top: ($104.00)

+ Mock Neck Cropped Top: ($34.00)


Photo: Urban Outfitters/River Island/Topshop

+ Foil Mock Neck Cropped Top: ($34.00)

+ Copper Tone Beaded High Neck Crop Top: ($30.00)

+ Limited Edition High Neck Crop: ($90.00)

+ Navy Sequin Embellished Crop Top: ($70.00)

+ Geo Velvet Mock Neck Cropped Top: ($44.00)


Photo: ASOS

+ Lorenzo Bodysuit In Velvet With Lace Neck: ($108.89)

+ Alessandro Bodysuit In Velvet: ($99.82)


Photo: Nasty Gal/Topshop

+ True Romance Lace Top: ($33.60)

+ Embroidered Victoriana Blouse: ($90.00)


Photo: ASOS

+ Top With Clean High Neck: ($50.82)

+ Shell Top In Color Block Textured Wetlook: ($68.06)


Photo: Topshop/Nasty Gal

+ Cable High Neck Sweater: ($80.00)

+ Basic Instinct Knit Tank: ($33.60)


Photo: Nasty Gal

+ So Clueless Fuzzy Tank: ($40.60)

+ Grace Crop Knit: ($75.60)


Photo: Nasty Gal

+ Motel Veronica Daisy Crop Sweater: ($70.00)

+ Motel Verona Crop Sweater: ($54.60)


Photo: VFiles

+ Latex Smart Thinking Dress: ($520.00)

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