How To Pack For Thanksgiving

Word to the wise: anyone who tells you that they already know exactly what they’re packing for Thanksgiving break is a flat-out liar. Or, like, a really good planner and someone we could all stand to learn something from. Either way, packing for a four-day weekend can be harder than packing for a two-week trip—because if you’re going away for a legit long-vacay, you at least have an excuse to stow away half of everything you own.

For a shorter stay-over (and one that revolves around eating, at that), it’s way better to condense your clothes into a bag or two and be comfy—which translates into cutting back on shoes and purses. *GASP* I know, I know. The HORROR. Let’s be honest though: you’re praahbably not going to clomp around the kitchen in those strappy suede stilettos you just bought. And do you really need to bring a giant tote when you’ll be parked on the couch in a food coma for most of the weekend anyway? That’s what I thought. ~Tough Love~

So, in an effort to help guide you through your inevitable procrastination, we went ahead and put together an entire Thanksgiving wardrobe that’s all ready to be crammed into a carry-on.


For chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool.
Photo: Uniqlo/ASOS/H&M/Piperlime

+ Sweatshirt: H&M Natural White Sweatshirt ($39.95)
+ Pants: Uniqlo Women’s Legging Pants ($19.90)
+ Bag: ASOS Trio Lock Cross Body Bag ($49.83)
+ Shoes: DV By Dolce Vita Java Boot ($89.99)

Maybe you’re meeting up with friends for lunch. Maybe you’re headed to that one place in town where you ALWAYS run into EVERYBODY. Or maybe you just need an excuse to venture outside and change out of your PJs. No matter what you’re doing during the day, being at home shouldn’t be an excuse to look as lazy as you feel. Besides, no one has to know that you’re actually wearing jeggings.


For workin’ on your fitness.
Photo: Topshop/Forever 21/Nordstrom/American Apparel/bkr

+ Shirt: Lily Mirage Tee By Escapology ($50.00)
+ Pants: Forever 21 Layered Skinny Workout Leggings ($21.80)
+ Shoes: Nike Air Pegasus 83 Sneaker ($75.00)
+ Bag: American Apparel Nylon Pack Cloth Weekender Duffle Bag ($32.00)
+ Bottle: bkr Bottle in Boy ($28.00)

The thought: Just because I’ll be away from my gym, doesn’t mean I can’t, like, go jogging or something to burn off some of those calories from the big meal. The reality: ENDLESS EXCUSES! 1. It’s WAY too cold to run outside. 2. My stomach hurts. 3. I’m tired. 4. I should be spending all my free time with friends and family. 5. There’s a (fill-in-the-blank) marathon on. Etc., etc. Pick your poison. Even if you don’t end up exercising though, you can at least look cute while you THINK about it.


For shopping ’til you drop.
Photo: Forever 21/ASOS/Nordstrom/Topshop

+ Sweatshirt: Deter Wolf Sweatshirt ($58.00)
+ Pants: Forever 21 La Vie Bohemian Trousers ($15.80)
+ Shoes: Nike Air Pegasus 83 Sneaker ($75.00)
+ Bag: ASOS Trio Lock Cross Body Bag ($49.83)
+ Bottle: bkr Bottle in Boy ($28.00)

If you’re brave enough to hit up Black Friday IRL, you gotta be prepared for battle. That means spike-covered elbow pads. JKJKJK, that means comfort, convenience and an intimidating sweatshirt to scare off the competition. Everyone will be too busy scouring for deals to peep your shoes (especially if they’re stampeding over them, in which case GTFO), so you might as well get some mileage out of those gym sneaks you packed. Plus, you’re probably going to have to do some short sprints to snag that last PS4. And teenage boys are FAST. A cross-body bag is also a must, so that you’re always strapped to your cash and can pull out your cell to confirm colors and sizes at a moment’s notice.


For rollin’ with the homies.
Photo: Revolve Clothing/Topshop/ASOS/Piperlime

+ Top: Topshop Sequin Swing Top ($70.00)
+ Pants: Free People Skinny Vegan Leather Pant ($128.00)
+ Bag: ASOS Leather And Faux Pony Zip Top Clutch Bag ($53.39)
+ Shoes: DV By Dolce Vita Java Boot ($89.99)

HEY LADIEEEES! OK. So, you’ve successfully navigated a TON of family time and managed not to kill any of your siblings. CONGRATS! Now, it’s time to reward yourself by cutting loose with some of your friends from home, who you haven’t seen in, like, FOREVER. Obviously, you have to look smokin’ hot (especially if your ex will be lurking around), and these vegan leather pants will definitely do the trick. BONUS: in the event you can’t fit into your vegan leather pants post-Thanksgiving meal, you can always throw on those cream-colored jeggings as a fall-back. Hey, it happens.

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