British Men Are Wearing Hair Extensions Now And It's All Harry Styles' Fault

Harry Styles

Harry Styles and his hair performing on 'Good Morning America.'
Photo: Getty Images

HEY, MEN. Want long, luxurious locks like Harry Styles? You're in luck! Great Lengths, a British hair extension company, has a line of "Men-Hancements" (LOL), which the men of London are using on the regular. British men are so into extensions that the company says that men will account for 10% of their sales this year. That's a lot of "men-hancements," y'all!

The site has pictures of models and men who decided to "men-hance" themselves and, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but none of them come close to approximating the undone, voluminous coiffure that's now signature to Harry. That hair, with its front height and side curls cannot (and should not, IMHO) be attempted by anyone else: we saw that last week in the One Direction ad for Macy's.

Harry Styles

Men wearing hair extensions.
Photo: Great Lengths

The men on Great Lengths' site all seem to go from having short-ish hair in the front to having slightly longer, curly hair in the front. Like, really curly. Some, like the blonde guy above, are barely different and definitely not Harry-inspired. That's fine. But as a self-proclaimed expert in hair, Harry Styles, and, transitively, Harry Styles' hair, I'm taking this as a cry for help (mine). Here are my tips for these British lads seeking Harold's style:

1. Never wash your hair.

2. Put on an enormous headband that is probably fashioned from a scarf.

3. Once your hair is thoroughly sweaty from your headband/being a beast at working out, comb out the front and point a blowdryer at it from below, angling from the root to tip.

4. As soon as your hair is dry, comb it back, run some pomade through it, and make sure it's mussed. Let the rest of your hair dry naturally.

5. Continue this cycle forever.

See? His look can be achieved with no water and a little product: no extensions needed. Your hair will be too long by the time you make this hairstyle look good. Of course, if you're looking for an acceptable hair idol within One Direction, may I suggest Zayn Malik? Dude has pretty short and straight hair, so you definitely won't need to spend any ~pound notes, pound notes, y'all~ on curly extensions.

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