Let's Discuss Kanye West's New Partnership With Adidas

Kanye West

Kanye West outside of Hot 97 studios.
Photo: Getty Images

Forget the Kanye West shoe collaboration you knew/loved/couldn't afford: Ye is leaving Nike for adidas. (How much are the existing Air Yeezys gonna go for now? Like, 10 billion dollars?) Kanye nonchalantly announced his new partnership during an interview with Hot 97 yesterday and while royalties seem to be the driving force behind the swap, adidas also offers more (dare we say it?) clothing design opportunities for Ye.

The Nike x Kanye partnership made total sense: Kanye loves Nikes and, as he mentioned in the Hot 97 interview, Yeezys made people excited for shoes in a way they hadn't been since the first release of Air Jordans. Kanye was the first and at the time for first inking the deal, only non-athlete working with Nike, which made him special, which, as we all know, is Kanye West's #1 fave thing. However, when Nike teamed up with Eminiem, the company was suddenly "not doing [him] any favors." And so, it seems if Kanye isn't going to be special anymore, he'd rather get royalties, which Nike wasn't offering to him.

A$AP Rocky just released a shoe with Jeremy Scott for Adidas, and Rita Ora's collaboration is seemingly imminent, so while Ye is going to be just one of several artists on adidas' roster, it seems his opportunity to potentially team up with fashion designers (or else, act in a similar capacity as existing designer collaborators) will likely be greater. Yoji Yamamoto, Mark McNairy and Jeremy Scott are all designers who have created both shoes and clothing for adidas: maybe this new deal will allow Kanye to spread his designing wings beyond just shoes? Maybe soon adidas will have leather jogging pants to sell?

The nitty gritty details of the partnership are still unknown and only made "official, non-official, official" by Ye himself, so we have no idea what to expect, but obviously, we're excited for whatever it is. The big question at the end of all this, though, is: will the Yeezy 2 Red Octobers ever be released? Sorry, person who won the contest Kanye posted on his Twitter: your chance of ever seeing those shoes seems prettttty low.

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